[Week 6] How Many Points Will Your Robot Score?

This is it. Only one day left in build season and for most teams, this is where reality hits. We have seen the week 0 events, (and in my opinion underwhelming performances) so how confident are you feeling?

The first two polls showed remarkably similar results, how will this compare?

Also, post in the comments an explanation or if you don’t believe your robot fits in any category.

Our primary strategy is to get a ball from secret passage (or anywhere really), go under the low bar, shoot high, rinse and repeat. If we can do this eight times successfully, we can potentially get 50 and a ranking point just in teleop.

Edit: This will actually be more because we will definitely get SOME points in autonomous and maybe even hang.

You will not get a ranking point just from this. You need to have your alliance challenge the tower, after weakening it to get that RP.

Calling it at 20-30 no ranking point…
Prove me wrong drive team, come at me

Autonomous: Drive over defense - 10 points
(Work on scoring Low and High for second event - 10/20 points)
Teleop- Cross 4 total defenses (weaken 2 defenses) and score 4 high goals - 20 points + 20 points = 40 points
(Work on getting up to 6 cycles for week 6 = 60 points)
End Game - Climb - 15 Points

*Total Prediction for Week 1 Lake Superior = 65 points
*Total Prediction for Week 6 North Star = 95 points

We have the ability to single handedly breach, but probably not while scoring high goals, so we’ll probably trust our alliance partners to get 4 defenses and 3-4 balls in the goal which from what I’ve seen so far should be pretty doable in most qualification matches. So more often then not we’ll get 1 RP for breaching, but the RP for Capturing will be significantly harder (most teams won’t be able to stay on the better at the end of the match).

*This prediction is optimistic, but I think fairly realistic as this is by far the best robot we’ve ever built.

Sorry Jared, but I think your estimates are a bit high. After all, your team’s no Cheesy Poofs.

10 point autonomous(20 if we are lucky and make the goal)

4 cycles of high goal through B, D, or low bar defenses(20 + 20 unless there are missed shots)

Maybe Climb? (15 points)

So we are looking at about 35-75 depending on defense and how good the driver is.

We are hopeful to get into eliminations for the first time ever. We will be at the North Star Regional so it is going to be some tough competition.

You know what would terrify me? A purely defensive 254 robot.

I would count Texplosion as the 254 of defense.

TIL that Cheesy Poofs are very troll.

Defense can always be played better. If anything it’s 27’s driver in 2014.

Off just damaging defenses, a robot could potentially score 10 + 5+ 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 55 plus a ranking point… Anything more than that requires scoring boulders. If you score during autonomous, that’s 65. Now, anything you score very much depends on boulder placement.

Consider: If the other alliance doesn’t score at all, there will not be builders being fed by the human players, aside from the three that start behind the castle wall… If the opposing team doesn’t send boulders out quickly, those that you score won’t be readily available, either… The boulders in the center may/may not be around for a second or third trip into the neutral zone, etc.

In other words, any boulder scoring in teleop is very much dependent on factors out of your control, making said predictions near impossible… I could see “the best shooting robot ever” kept at one or two high goal scores under the worst conditions, but hitting upwards of 10 under the best of conditions…

That is mastery, I enjoyed that video.

Hopefully we will score a certain quantity in numbers. Hopefully.

This is an excellent point. The ranking point for capturing the tower has two parts… minimum of 8 boulders in the tower (more if there are tech foul penalties) AND ALL THREE alliance robots must challenge or scale the tower. Therefore a single robot can never capture the tower for the ranking points.

IMO, this will prove to be fairly difficult in qualifying rounds at regionals and districts but probably absolutely necessary to win District Champs and many Regionals.

During Champ eliminations it will be the norm in my opinion.

The Ranking Point for breaching requires breaching 4 of the 5 defenses (two trips each through the defense into the courtyard) This could be done by a single alliance member. (Cooperative methods would make this much easier)

i don’t wanna toot my own horn but i think we had probably the best defensive robot inn 2013. it rendered 303 ( a full court shooter that made it to Einstein) useless.

If we went solo, we expect/hope to get an auto crossing (low bar, B, or D), an auto high goal, and seven teleop crossings adding up to a breach, possibly with enough time for another boulder or two. With alliance partners who are going after a few other crossings, we’ll add some more boulders with the extra time we’ll have. We are not there yet, but we should be in time for Bayou.