Week One Events 2020

Wondering if there are any rumors of additional regional events in the U.S. scheduled for Week One next year. Last year choices were California or South Carolina. Hoping something might be available a little closer to Missouri.

Event schedules typically don’t start coming out for a few more months, at least.

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I know nothing official comes out till then, but wondering if there were at least some rumors or talk of some additional events.

I’ve heard rumors for a Tulsa regional. So we should lobby for Week One, and I’ll see you guys there :smile:

edit: But knowing that region in early March, be sure to bring your ice skates.


The director of first in OK Harold Holley said at the OKC regional that if it happens it would hopefully be a week 4 event (OKC used to be week 4 until this year it was held in week 2) also it will be called the green country regional

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Going to California or to Myrtle Beach in March doesn’t really sound that bad compared to the lovely weather in Missouri that time of year.

I think 11 hour drives with 2 drivers per vehicle is about my limit, without going the charter bus way. Long ago that is how we traveled, but we also fundraised more aggressively to pay for that.

Myrtle Beach is only about 17 hours away. If you did overnight drives both ways, you could leave Tuesday night and get back Sunday afternoon. But I’ve done overnight drives after a regional (from Denver) and I don’t recommend it. Especially when you hit blizzard conditions about 4 in the morning.

For us, local regionals (including registration) are usually $6-7k and travel regionals have been in the $10-12k range. Both considering the school has been pretty generous with vehicles. A chartered travel regional would probably push us into the near 15-17k range.

Now if one of the mentors wins the Powerball, we already plan to fly to the Hawaii regional and then to Worlds.

Hopefully, they get things sorted. And maybe talk with Little Rock to make it more accessible for OK teams (not same weekend).

Also, at one time last year, I’d been informed about potentially adding an event in Arkansas, so that isn’t totally out of the realm, but something I wouldn’t really expect.

In the off chance that there ends up being a regional district, that I think you’d want more events local to both AR and OK, and probably smaller events that would work in many different venues. Having that in KC was nice for the number of matches played, although the pace was pretty fast sometimes.

If it happens, there is a push for the rumored Tucson Regional (I am going to refer to it as “Arizona South”) to be a week 1 event. Since the other two Regionals in Arizona aren’t very flexible with their dates due to venue availability, week 1 is the only available week that avoids any of the AZ events being back-to-back.

I’d be shocked if the Palmetto Regional was not week 1 or earlier again in 2020. Come enjoy some Southern hospitality and join the parade of out-of-staters mopping the floor with us.

There’s a Taiwan regional next year : )

It would be nice to see the Miami Valley Regional as a week 1. It was great in 2018 because it really was a good way for us to get practice and we haven’t been to a regional since 2008.

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