Week One Scoring Data!!!

Hi Everyone! Just spent my afternoon compiling and organizing scoring stats from the Week One Regionals. I figured I might as well give everyone access. So some things I forgot to mention…

  1. Regionals are abbreviated with two letters from left to right: San Diego, Washington, Peachtree, Bayou, Greater Kansas City, BAE Granite State, Finger Lakes, Autodesk Oregon, & New Jersey.

  2. I left out Districts because the data was not available at that time on Blueallaince.com. (I hope to add that data asap)

  3. Sorry about my lack of labels, on the first page are the GRAND TOTALS from Qualification Matches (PRE), Quarter Finals (QUAR), Semifinals (SEMI), and Finals (FIN) BOLDED Numbers are averages of that column or row!

  4. All number represent Points scored in matches from an given alliance.

  5. I put both the Red and Blue alliances under the same column in descending order, so highest scores are seen at the top of each table

    Week1Data.pdf (77.2 KB)

    Week1Data.pdf (77.2 KB)

Might be a stupid question, but what do the numbers stand for? Can’t find any description or anything and I don’t have much to create a search query for it.


I don’t see Traverse City and Kettering on here… don’t forget the Michigan Districts!