Week Zero 2017 in New Hampshire!

Team 811 is pleased to announce that we have been selected to host the Week Zero Event for 2017! :slight_smile:

This is a great honor for us, and actually represents a return of FIRST events to Bishop Guertin High School, as the 1993 Championship Event actually took place in our gym (all 25 teams!)

We’re looking forward to making this the best event we can. To that end, Week Zero 2017 Registration opens Monday, January 9th at Noon!

See http://www.team811.com/week-zero-2017 for more information.

Sad to hear it won’t be hosted by Chop Shop this year but we are still looking forward to a great event! Thanks for the info 811 :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it!

On one hand, we’re sad to see it go, but on the other hand, we’re looking forward to having those two days back! It’s good to let other teams in the area get a chance to work with FIRST on this. We’re just grateful for the opportunity to do so.

However, I can assure you Mayhem in Merrimack isn’t going anywhere! :cool:

Do any week 0 events besides this one record scores? If so, could someone please send that data to me. I am interested in looking at how well week 1 scores correlate with week 0 scores. I know this is the only one that uses an official FMS, but I think there might be some other more formal week 0 events out there that keep track of scores.

Good luck hosting this event! It is always very useful to see the game played on an official field, and I am happy that I will have the opportunity to fine tune my event simulator this year while watching.

Week Zero events do not have any bearing on overall scores. The dual purposes of WZ are to give FIRST a chance to actually test a field prior to “real” competition (as well as give the Head Refs etc. the chance to see the game played) while giving a few teams a chance to better prepare for the competitions ahead.

Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage is once again hosting the week zero event at Suffield High School! The webpage & facebook page have all the information. As of 10am this morning there were already 19 signed up. As usual we allow more than the cut-off of 30 to sign up, due to some teams that back out. Looking forward to seeing all the teams. Just like last year we are requesting teams to bring parts of their practice field. Contact Linda Horn for more details. We are also looking for a DJ with complete equipment. We are looking for little or no cost, in return their name will be on the website & the scrimmage t-shirts. If anyone out there knows someone who wants to increase their exposure, please contact Linda Horn for those details.

Just signed up for 1058! Can’t wait!

58 did too!

1729 has signed up too!

229 just signed up and is excited to make the trek down to NH to play with old friends!

Edit: Is there anyway for you guys to post a team list to make sure we actually got in?

I’d love to see a team list too! 4905 is excited to be there.

3467 signed up - just awaiting confirmation :wink:

Thank you Team 811 for hosting right at the busiest part of build season - we’re looking forward to it!

Team 4905 is ready to play Steamworks at our first Week 0!

2079 is signed up to make our first appearance

When will details about load in, number of matches, etc. be available?

“As soon as we know”?

We’ll be sending out a full document once we know more, but I suppose for planning purposes you can assume a 7:30 Load-In start time. Number of matches / schedule of matches won’t be known until the morning of, obviously, as it depends on how many teams arrive / any last minute drop-outs, etc. (Plus, it’s all dependent on what FIRST provides.)

Any need of volunteer resetters? I need some practice touching my toes picking up 600 Fuels every 7 minutes. (Plus learning how to do field reset for four competitions.)

Assuming, of course, we don’t get another snow storm threat like last year’s Week Zero…

Is there any more info on starting and ending times?

Will this event be streamed? If so, where will they be streamed? Thanks.