Week Zero Events

I was looking into week zero events and off-season events, and I was wondering where they were located? Our team was looking into going to a week-zero event next year, and hopefully an off-season event to make up for this season. Any help is appreciated!

Offseasons this year are going to be kind of spotty for a variety of reasons related to COVID.

Week zero events… pretty much anywhere someone has a near-full field and elements, there’s likely to be something small.

Where are you located, as that may help others identify likely local events to you?

We are located in upstate South Carolina, but are pretty much willing to go anywhere within 5 hours

For off-season I suppose what are some that usually happen?

@Billfred, what are the odds on SCRIW happening this year or are you that much of a gambler?

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We hosted one this past year in Richmond, Virginia. It’ll likely be full and first served to CHS teams, but on the off chance that there’s an open spot you could likely come up

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Thank you for letting us know!

If you’re in upstate SC you might want to look into THOR in the NC district. Here’s the link to the FIRST NC website, where they’ll post info about THOR sometime over the summer. It’s usually in early to mid October, though last year there were two events (THOR East and THOR West, with the West fairly close to upstate SC.) Worth checking out and you’d get to compete against teams you usually don’t see. THOR West was actually a bit slim on teams last year, since the majority of teams in NC are concentrated in the Triangle and eastern seaboard.

Ok, thank you for the information!

Right now, we are planning for SCRIW (which happens in downtown Columbia) to go forward on October 17. From my estimation based on when we have to pay for what, we would have to make a final go/no-go decision at the end of September to avoid terrible penalties. I’m behind on updates, so there should be details soon…but it’s on record that we would not charge a 2021 rookie team an entry fee.