Week Zero GaelForce

Here is a video of Team 126 GaelForce at the Pre-Season event Week Zero! We won this event after being seeded first. Great job 1519, 1831, and 126! it was a blast! More to come!!

heres finals match 3, scorefest! :smiley: thats better! sorry for destroying your minibot 1519!!!

Seeing that minibot on the field was like watching a baby sitting in the middle of a 4-way intersection…

It’s quite alright - the minibot has been repaired, already! We’ve been planning on making several anyway! :slight_smile:

A big thank you to 1831 and 126 for being excellent partners! 126, you guys were able to put up a tubes in teleop consistently, and 1831 hung that ubertube in every single elimination match - wow! A big congratulations to the powerful Finalist alliance: 811, 95, and 1922! Thank you also to team 151 and FIRST for putting on the inaugural Week Zero Competition in Nashua! :slight_smile:

I uploaded video of all the elimination matches at the week zero competition. I do apologize for the shifty camera and occasional comments! :slight_smile:

Thanks! same to you! see you in manchester!

Sorry if this question is already covered somewhere in the manual, but I am wondering if your minibot comes off of your robot and is just sitting on the field getting run over like that, could you pick it up with your arm and drop it on the outside of the field so it would be safe?

I wouldn’t put the MINIBOT outside the field. That might fall afoul of:

<G31> ROBOTS, HOSTBOTS, nor MINIBOTS may not touch anything outside the FIELD boundary. Violation: Disablement
(Although it would probably be the MINIBOT that was “disabled”)

But you certainly could push it to a safer part of the field, maybe in your own LANE or ZONE.