Week Zero Scrimmage Events

Who is holding Week Zero scrimmages?

Johnny_5 started a thread asking about scrimmages happening during Week Zero before bagging, specifically in Ohio. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=123546&highlight=scrimmage

I know of Suffield Shakedown and Rochester Rally. Where are the others?

Team 41in Watchung Hills, NJ hosts an scrimmage with the official MAR field.

Does anyone in the St. Louis area hold a practice event prior to bag & tag or have a full-sized practice field? We’d really like to get some time in on a practice field prior to our week 1 event.

I know 3324 expressed interest in holding a Week Zero event for OhioFIRST (I’m sure out-of-state teams will be able to come too :))

1038 also has a full size practice field we used last year and plan on using again this year. It’d be worth a shot to try and get a hold of their team, or Jimmy Nichols (1038 mentor) on here.

Team 692 Fembots hold a Practice Day Scrimmage in Week Zero in Sacramento.

Georgia FIRST organizes a week 0 scrimmage event every year at the Kimberly Clark warehouse in Roswell, Georgia, and it’s open to all teams who wish to come. Normally there aren’t many matches run as it’s used primarily by teams who wish to calibrate their machines to an official field, but on the Sunday of scrimmage, a couple of practice matched may be played.

Chop Shop 166 is hosting The Week Zero event run by FIRST.

Details can be found here: http://chopshop166.com/drupal/Week_Zero_Information

Teams 2220, 2470, and 3081 will be hosting a week 0 event at Bloomington Kennedy High School for Minnesota teams. The field will be a complete team version, and will primarily be held Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully we’ll see quite a few of our friends there!

Does anyone know of anything in Michigan?

Looks like there is room for a few more scrimmage sites! :wink:

Who has a full field set up? I saw CRevolution (2851) has one in Michigan and there is an opportunity to have the makings of a field in Virginia because the one at the VASC in Hampton Roads build for 2013 needs a new home!

LA Robotics Pre-Bag-n-Tag Scrimmage at Harvey Mudd College in Pomona, CA


Always a good show.

We will have our field setup for teams to use. Whether we try to have a full scrimmage has not been decided.

But all teams are welcome to come and practice/shakedown their robots.

This event is filling up rapidly. If you are planning to come, register now.

I like the idea.

I will run the idea past the rest of the team tonight and release any details once they are planned.


Update on the week 0 hosted by 2220, 3081, 2470, and 3184:

What: The Blue Blazin’ RoboBlitz

Where: Bloomington Jefferson High School (map)

When: Sunday, Feb. 16 from 11:30 am - 7:00 pm

Cost: $125 per team to be paid in advance AND the use of your game balls. Non-refundable fee paid in advance. Make checks payable to Burnsville Robotics Booster Club
Please write your team number on the memo line.
Mail to Darcy Schatz at 1862 Gold Trail, Eagan, MN 55122

  • Rookie team may contact Darcy Schatz at [email protected] to discuss a price break if needed.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 12

How to sign up: Fill out this Google Form with your team’s registration information. This will reserve your spot, however your registration will not be complete until payment is received.


● Mentors from host teams will host a roundtable for mentors to discuss the upcoming competition season and other topics as needed.
● Evan Hochstein will be holding a 3D printing workshop session during the event.
● There will be a computer lab open for teams to practice and work on the Chairman’s Award with other teams.
● A full concession stand will be available. Please do not bring in your own food.
● Bring your game balls for the competition. Mark them with your team number.
● There will be a FTC scrimmage running near the FRC pits.
● There will be FLL and Jr. FLL demos near the FRC pits.
● Do not expect electricity in every pit, please bring electrical extension cables.

Tentative Schedule of Events Sunday, February 16 from 11:30 am – 7:00 pm

9:00 am Pits Open.
9:00 - 11:30 am Field open for non-match practice
11:30 am Drivers Meeting on Field
12:00 pm Practice Rounds Begin
7:00 pm End of Competitions
7:00 – 9:00 Clean-up and Load-out

We already have 9 teams signed up and we cap at 30. Come on over and get some driver practice!

We understand it’s a bit irregular to be hosting the event on Sunday, but we hope that gives teams more time on Saturday to work at home before coming over and testing it out on the field. Hoping to see a lot of our Minnesota friends there!

Team 537 charger robotics hosts a Week Zero scrimmage with practice matches in Milwaukee.

2052 (KnightKrawler) and 2472 (Centurions) are hosting a week zero event at Centennial High School in Circle Pines, MN. Information and registration can be found here. We hope to see many teams there!

I just realized the registration form is not linked from the event page. We’ll get that fixed, but in the mean time, here it is.

Does anyone know if/how 254 is doing their practice day this year?

Due to extremely high demand, The SCRRF Scrimage at Harvey Mudd College has been expanded to TWO days. Details at the registration website.


We especially want teams to come on Saturday to spread out even out volunteer requirements etc.


To expand on what seanthompson said earlier, Team 537 has what we call a “Mini-Regional” during Week Zero. Here’s some more details:
Where - Hamilton High School in Sussex, Wisconsin
When - Noon to 4 on February 16th
For more information, go to http://team537.org/community/mini-regional/