Week1 Twitter data spreadsheet

**For all you statisticians out there.

The usual caveats about FRC Twitter data apply.


XMLweek1.xls (156 KB)

XMLweek1.xls (156 KB)

Did the Hatboro-Horsham Regional not post half of their matches? Anyone know what that occured? (Referring to the matches prior to match 34)

Here are some stats from the match results page due to some irregularities in the FMS feed. Compare all you want.

Week1.xls (147 KB)

Week1.xls (147 KB)

I don’t know how the FMS twitter engine deals with manually adjusted scores, but I know after manual re-counting, Q12 at NHMA was rescored to 161-25 for the Red alliance. This isn’t captured in the above spreadsheet. Score adjustments were pretty common at our event, and I’m wondering how often an update will be missed if we use the FMS twitter data, vs the Math Results page on usfirst.org?

The Twitter feed data historically has errors and omissions.

It’s a shame because it provides details not available on the match results pages.

If one of the goals of STEM is Math, then a great teaching opportunity is being lost here.

With correct data, more students might become excited about exploring the data and learning ways of processing and displaying it.

If the Match Results page contains all the data you need, then by all means use that.

The Twitter data has additional details not available on the Match Results page, but the Twitter data, sadly, has errors and omissions.