Week5 Twitter data analyses

***This thread is for discussion of Week5 Twitter data analyses posted here:

paper: Week5 Twitter data analyses **

Also, please read this:

No Queen City Data?

All the qualification matches are there under #FRCOHCI. Am I missing something?

Brandon has updated his Twitter data with the OHCI event (thanks Brandon).

I’ll re-crunch the numbers with the OHCI included.

[EDIT] Done. Look for revA in the attachment list.

*Added WLT analysis for Weeks 1 through 5

(effect of fouls on WLT outcome)


Added Qual & Elim stats and histograms:

**Elim win margin (wo fouls) hist.png

Elim win margin hist.png

Elim win margin ogive.png

Elim win score hist.png

Qual win margin (wo fouls) hist.png

Qual win margin hist.png

Qual win margin ogive.png

Qual win score ogive.png

Weeks 1-5 Elim stats.txt

Weeks 1-5 Qual stats.txt**


First we give thanks, Thanks ether.

Then we ask why no twitter data for Michigan, Waterford?

Sorry … typo in that event code. Should be there, now.

Thanks for pointing it out. I reported it to Brandon (Martus) and he has now updated the CSV compilation he maintains (and which I use as the data source for these reports).

I’m loath to re-do all the graphs, unless someone really needs those for some reason.

I’ll re-run the OPRs and stats though.

**Stats are done. OPRs next.


Thanks, I don’t use the graphs, but pre-scouting MSC this weekend, would be helpful to have the updated data.

**I just uploaded revised OPR/CCWM/EPA spreadsheet, revB.

It includes OHCI & MIWAT


***I’m surprised the OPR Merit Function Comparison graphs didn’t generate any dialog.