Weekly CAD, Mech, & Programming Challenges By DiscoBots 2587

This week we are launching our weekly CAD, Mech, & Programming challenges for our new members.

Feel free to follow along here!

New tasks will be posted every friday and will be announced through our facebook, & twitter

Feedback and task ideas are welcome!



This is a really cool idea! We’ll be sure to follow.

OOOO RENDER!!! I shall Do this! Next week at my work computer.

  • Andrew


Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I’ve sent this to everyone on my team, and I’m turning it into a friendly competition. So far one person (from Media of all places) has started sending me answers.

Since we didn’t have access to your SVN I gave them this to do:

2012-06-10: Time to work out the date
You may have noticed that I have like to use 24 hour time. You may have also noticed the dates are in a weird format. Your task is to reply to me as to why I use these weird formats AND why would I use this for version control?
Bonus: Tell me why I started from 0 in the rules.

Can’t wait to see what you set in the coming weeks.

Future tasks will accessible by the public.

Glad you like the program!

This is a very cool idea, I would love to get some of my team to participate!

render complete. took me about 2 hrs with 2 (slow) 1.5Ghz cores using Photoview 360 and Solidworks 2011

Your mechanical challenge is interesting.

Don’t know how many renders we are allowed to post but I came up with three pretty good ones.

Sweet renders. More the merrier.

Tried to pull up the .stp file, and it crashed Inventor :mad: All of these renders look great!

These are sweet! Fix the bumper fabric though as well as putting the robot on the ground. You’ll get much nicer shadows. That third one is my favorite.

I didn’t want to have my integerated graphics render all day so I rendered it on a low setting.

Joe did you color some of the parts or something because in solid works it didn’t come all black for me?

Robots look much better without bumpers…

Yes I did color some of the parts to get the closest thing to the actual robot.

Akash, I’ll edit the bumper texture and post a new pic.

EDIT: Added new render. Don’t really know if I got the fabric right.

Nice! Is that the finest you could go with the material? Play around with the blurr of the shadow as well, it will give it a more realistic look.

The camera orientation and lighting from your previous post looked much nicer than this one. The second and third from the last post.

These weekly Challenges are a very great way to keep students interactive throughout the summer.

I’m definitely going to pass these challenges on to our team.


The orientation on the X and Y axis keep getting offset so that’s why I think the lighting is a little strange. I’ll go back and set the axis’ back to the way I want the and shoot another one.

I see lots of Solid Works users. Any Inventor users willing to give this render a shot? =)

Creo render with Perspective View.

Here’s a rendering done via Autodesk’s software. It was modified in Inventor and rendered in Showcase. Admittedly, Autodesk’s “make it pretty” button is a bit clunkier/harder to use than SolidWorks’ offering in PhotoView 360.

First Render Run of the day, Mind you this is one of my first renders using Solidworks so its not the best it could be. Ill update this post as I make more.

You might notice I have a different color scheme, figured I’d play with it a little with how I’d color a robot, however still very similar to the actual robot.