Weekly Chairman's Google+ Meetings

Hi Everyone,

My name is David Tafoya and I am the Non-Technical Head on FRC Team 2486, the CocoNuts. We hope your Recycle Rush game season is going smoothly. If you need any help with chassis design, manipulators, etc. please let us know and we’d be happy to assist you.

We will hosting a Google Plus hangout on Monday at 4pm Mountain Time (6pm Eastern). The topics we will be covering will include: overall theme of submission and tips for getting started. If your team is interested in applying for the Chairman’s Award this season and able to make the hangout please email us at: [email protected] and let us know what your google ID is. Also visit fusd1robotics.org to see our “Official Guide to the Chairman’s Award”.

Best of Luck,

FRC Team 2486
The CocoNuts

We’ll probably have our Chairman’s lead join you in one of your meetings. Are they every week at the same time?

For the most part the times will remain the same. We will inform you about any changes to the time schedule. Tomorrow the meeting will remain at 6pm Eastern time. Happy MLK day!