Weekly Schedule

I’m new to FRC and someone has probably posted this question before but I’m hoping for a quick answer rather than exhaustive search.

Roughly how much time do your teams average per week working on your teams robot?

By which week do you expect to have your robot built to be able to practice matches with your robot?

As a team, we are in all days but sunday (We may get a friday off depending on our progress). Though, not every person is in 6 days a week since monday may be for controls and mechanical and tuesday may be for electrical and controls… that kind of thing.

We meet everyday but Sunday.
1st week = 20 hours total
2nd week thru 5th week = 30 hours per week
6th week = 35 hours total
Monday/ Tuesday of ship week > 20 hours

We plan on having a running chassis with 80% total completion by the end of week 4. Total completion by the end of week 5. Refine and rebuild is during weeks 5 and 6.

The team meets about 15 hours per week. Some of us work for far more than that on our own.

We aim to have a prototype robot ready for testing by week 4.

We put in roughly 20-25 hrs a week.

Our team meets Monday-Thursday for around 2-3 hours, taking off Fridays (until crunchtime of course :stuck_out_tongue: ), and about 6-7 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. We require all members to put in at least 40 hours during build season to travel to regionals or nationals. Typically, we aim to have it done by the end of week 5, but in the past few years it’s dragged us into week 6, and even stop build day… This is NOT a good thing. Its much better finishing earlier to allow time for driver practice and tuning the bot. Overlooking either of those things can bring down a good team. The robot is never going to be perfect on its first run. It can take weeks to work out the inevitable problems, and develop ways to overcome them, either by modifying the bot itself, or changing how it’s driven. It’s also important to know the true capabilities of the bot in order to develop a solid gameplay strategy beforehand.

Mon-Thu, 2 hours per day, Sat 7 hours per day, for a total of 15 hours per week.

We tend to ramp it up at the end to get everything done, but we aim to be “finished” 1 week before Stop Build day, so programming can test stuff out, drivers can get some experience, and we can fix anything that isn’t working right.

Of course, none of that includes “homework” we give the students - to think about new mechanisms, to figure out how something is going to work on paper, or “do the math” behind something to make sure it’ll meet our needs. Plus there’s the obligatory 2+ hours per day spent on Chief Delphi, but that may just be me :stuck_out_tongue:

Our current build season schedule is 10-3 or 4 on Saturdays, 10-4 on Sundays, 6:30-9 on Tuesdays (mandatory) and 6:30-9 on Wednesdays.

Extra hours may be added later in the season.

I forgot to mention that like above the time put in by each individual student varies greatly.

About 40 hours a week, work everyday but Sunday.

We work every Day
Monday - Thursday 3-9
Friday 3-11ish
Saturday 10am-11pm
Sunday 12-9ish
And our CAD guys are constantly on CAD, programmers are always programming away. our CNC is almost non stop, and Machinist are always on the Bridgeports. Either making practice bot parts, Competition Bot Parts, or Backup parts.
We don’t stop working.
We don’t require any student to be at the shop though. Most of our who to take on a trip decisions are based on hours and fundraising help, but all of us are extremely motivated to build those robots.

We meet every day except for Sundays and we give Thursdays off because Friday tends to be the day when teachers give tests/quizzes and have major assignments due, but the team’s leaders tend to meet on Thursdays anyway, and by Week 5, everybody is. Our “official” meeting schedule is weekdays from 3:30pm-6:00pm and Saturdays from 9am-2pm. However, the time spent working goes up and up the farther we get into build season. The final Saturday before Stop Build Day was a 12-hour work day (for some of us) and the Monday before Stop Build Day Tuesday, the drive team was practicing until roughly 10pm (on a school night). We plan so that sort of thing doesn’t happen, because we don’t want anybody to fall behind in school because of the team, but sometimes it just happens. However, we did have very few members last season, and that number has doubled this season, so we may not have that problem. We did absolutely no work on Stop Build Day, and had the robot bagged and tagged the night before and managed to get testing/calibration done with driver practice as well.

Monday through Friday: 4:30 PM - 8:00PM and Saturdays: 11:00AM - 7:00PM.

We work Saturday schedules on Martin Luther King Day as well as all three Mardi Gras Holidays. (Yes it pays to live in Louisiana. We never get snow days either.)

Are we the only team that works on Sundays?

We work 9-5 (or later) on weekends, and work 2:30 or so till 6 weekdays, except Thursdays, on which we work till 7 and have a meeting til 8:30. I CAD constantly, sometimes until 10 at night (or later), and sometimes get up at 6:30 to start again.

Our tenative (make that increasingly unlikely) goal for a practicing robot is the end of week 3. We had a fully functional robot (mechanically and electronically) by week 5 last year.

Nope we also work Sundays 1-6pm

We usually meet every day on week 1, and Mon, Wed, Fri the rest of the weeks are mandatory, Tues and Thurs are optional, but the really dedicated ones are there every weekday.

We practice monday through friday 6-8pm ,and on saturdays around 8-12 hours depending on when we leave. We may work on sundays when it gets down to the wire. Hope this helps.

We work 6 days a week.
Early season: Around 12pm - 5pm
MId season: 9am - 5pm weekdays, 12pm - 5pm Saturdays
Late season: 9am - 10pm or later (3:35pm - 10pm on school days)
When we start adding hours depends on our progress. Usually we do 2 weeks of 12-5, 3 weeks of 9-5, and one week of 9-10. Our district has most of January off for final exams, so there are no classes.

Looks like we are on the low end of time spent. Our team works 8 hours a week and then work our way up to 12 hours a week. Then we put in 20 hours the last weekend.

We are also on the low hours of time spent.

We work Tues/Thurs from 6-9 and Saturdays 10-4 for a total of…18 hours, I think. The last weekend and Monday/Tuesday before stop build is always around the clock, we usually get kicked out at midnight because thats when they lock the gates to the school. Stop Build Day always falls during February vacation so we don’t have to worry about the kids being exhausted in school Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

I think the goal this year is to have a pretty full robot for practice by week 5. I do believe last year we got zero practice before it went into the bag.