Weekly Wins 01-21-2022

Weekly wins. Who’s got em? Who wants to share em?

Mine is we launched the Ewcp scholarship for a second year. Nate and I were talking earlier and we were both just super happy about it, it had been a long standing aspiration and we got to do it.


Got to spend another week doing what I love! We finished laying out our (quite excellent if I do say so myself) practice field and have had some very successful prototypes.


I got my booster shot this week! And one of my former students made it to the second round of interviews for an internship at my company - not in my department, but it’d still be fun to have her around & I’m glad I could give her a referral.

Build season’s going well too, now that we’ve got some momentum this is the most engaged group of new members we’ve had in at least 5 years and they’re making great progress on intake and shooter prototyping & climber design.


We’ve almost got some momentum going for build season…well, as much as you can have with zero or one or two or maybe three students at each meeting. We have a prototype thingy that will intake and hold two Cargo, and spit them out into the low goal, if everything is just right. And started building the new kit chassis today.


Yeah EWCP is my WFTW. Made a huge impact on me and I appreciate the heck out of that group!


Figured out that I wanted to change my major, and started working towards that. I’ll be working towards a Bachelor’s in ITSS here at UTD!

In the same vein, I fixed the network at my university makerspace and got something we’ve been trying to do for months to work. That was part of the process of realizing I like IT more than programming


One more revolution around the sun, and got clearance to start building a key piece of a project at work.


One more revolution for me also.
I believe @Mark_McLeod also from Team 358.
Born same day of the year and started our programs back to back, back in the day. :call_me_hand:

Today we had our State Superintendent visit and assured us 2 things.

  1. He will sign and approve all of our out-of-state travel docs.
  2. Push forward our 1.350 Mil Renovation and Equipment funding.

Go Comets!


Had an excellent (albeit short) in person meeting for potential PhD program… All but garenteed there is an offer coming my way. :cowboy_hat_face:


Only being able to give just one “like” just isn’t enough. I am sure you all have worked hard over many years to earn this support.

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My best friend Ayşe completed her 30th trip around the sun this week, so we held a small celebration for her which was a lot of fun, and I walked home (15km) - I haven’t been on such a long walk in quite a while. Walks like that are normal for me, but I haven’t had the energy or reason for it in too long. I finally got to see the new Galataport development - Parts of this city are starting to feel like they’re from 2100, not from 2020, it’s a fun feeling walking through such places :slight_smile:

Oh also, I bought a vacuum cleaner this week. The first 5 years I lived here I had none, I occasionally borrowed Ayse’s, the last two years I’ve had a really old one that came with my apartment, but I’ve wanted to get one for myself for a long long time.


We just begin our Winter vacation! And we will have more time to design and build our robot for rapid react!


We got this 2 years ago, and dont want the money to lapse.
We actually did pretty good in raising funds during this COVID Pandemic.
2021 was a record year for us, and this 2022 season a new record again.

  • Short week with the holiday.
  • Shorter week because the office closed for snow Friday.
  • Our shop was actually open for two days this week!
  • Successfully converted our 2021 robot back to NEOs, so our programmers will have plenty of time to practice.
  • Started laying out the gear I’m taking to Orlando this coming week to present at the ATIA Expo. I don’t think I even bring this many tools to Fight Night.
  • Naps. Lots of naps.

You all probably work harder than just about anyone else on the fundraising and grant writing. I recall seeing the binder of grant applications at the CPR event several years ago and thinking that I didn’t know that anyone sold binders that thick :astonished:

Many of the arts organizations in our area really suffered greatly over the last two years. Maybe your team could consult with some of them as another fundraising opportunity :wink:

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Got a new Afinia H+1 3D printer installed at the workshop and got a gearbox cover printed on it.

Got our first West Coast style drivetrain fully assembled.


Got accepted to Rowan University School of Engineering and was offered an $8000 per year scholarship. Definitely going there and I’m so happy my college searching days are behind me for now.


My rookie FLL team spent 2 hours on the weekend to get a second program working and refined to where it scores all 4 missions 4 out of 5 attempts. This is pretty good for a program that drives half the length of the field with just dead reckoning. A future refinement would be to have them learn to implement a line-follower to get the success rate up to 5 out of 5 attempts.

Yesterday was the first day at my new job. Had to read through a bunch of company policies and got set up on a bunch of the internal systems. One thing that stood out was “Dress code. We don’t have one. Don’t make us have one.” Another was the company Slack channels had a post memorializing the late Meatloaf with a link to a video of him in an iconic movie role.


Mom made meatloaf for dinner when @perebear and I visited Sunday. I asked if it was in tribute - she said no, planned earlier in the week to go with the potatoes she had. I thought about asking her if the beef came out of the freezer, but that would have required explaining.