Weekly Wins 07-09-2021

Wow Friday already. Where did this week go?

Anyone got anything that went particularly well they want to share?

For me - it was a short week. So having a couple days off meant I could relax abs not think about work too much. Which was good.


Passed my road test, I can now legally drive (with some restriction). Unfortunately I’ll have to turn in my transit enthusiast card soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Went to a great free concert on Sunday. I am a bit biased about that though. 18 years ago a group of us decided to start putting on a free concert every Sunday evening all Summer long on our kids’ elementary school playground. The school is long ago closed, but the schoolyard is now a public park and the concerts continue, better than ever. We’ve got to the point where great local and regional bands come to us wanting a spot. https://summersundays.org/


We met a couple times this week and made lots of improvements, getting the bot up and running for offseasons.


I can now say that I successfully kept my kid alive for one full year. Still going strong!


Not sure if it’s a win, but at my summer internship, I was switched from a Software Engineer to a DevOps Engineer. Exciting because there is only one other person in the company with the level of know-how in the company needed for this. Scary because I have no idea what I’m doing (yet).


Realizing I never posted last week, so I’ll just lump it into this week.

I participated in my first Amateur Radio Field Day on the 26th! Had an absolute blast making contacts all over the US over Amateur HF Radio. Also going to be participating in another Amateur Radio Contest tomorrow! Absolutely psyched! Definitely going to need to upgrade my license so I can get on the HF bands outside of just these club contests!


Thank you for having something big enough that mine wouldn’t be an automatic /thread post.

Because, uhh…


We went to a concert of the Warren Community Band in the parking lot of our church. They’ve been practicing outside in our lot since spring. Sounded pretty good!


"bout damn time.

Successfully defended my thesis for my MS in Science Education.
Signed a lease on a new apt at the beach.
And bought a new battery for my truck after old one died (always look at the bright side).


I went to Yosemite National Park with @Maximillian and @Connor_H!


I was on vacation last week visiting my family for the first time since Thanksgiving! Took Penny with me and she was a great travel buddy, very calm in the car and did great camping for a night on the way down. We spent the week sleeping in, enjoying the pool, and catching up with family, and Penny even got along decently well with my parents’ dogs in the end (after some initial tension).


I like these dogs.


Me too! Glad I made it down before the pup got too big :slight_smile:
The shop dog’s coming along too, still doesn’t love being inside the shop with all the noisy machines but loves “helping” in the driveway when my dad and sister are working on the bus (they’re converting it into a tiny home).

Went camping in southern Indiana with some friends for 4th of July and am hooked on 4-wheeling. Tried Crumbl cookies, baked my own chocolate chip cookies, and have packed some up to send out to friends. Apparently only got video of the cookies but if you’re looking for cake-y interior, crispy edged chocolate chip/chunk cookies, I highly recommend Claire Saffitz’ recipe. Also took many walks with the goodest boy.



The weeks not over yet! Still time to post! Had an amazing time with my Aunt in my family farm in Ohio (conveniently located pretty close to Detroit, in case you need a place to crash after worlds)

I’m late to the party because I was tending to this lovely gal all week. It was a win in itself.


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