Weekly Wins 08-05-2022

So folks, what went well for you? Anything cool? Ate a meal you liked? Took a really good nap?

For me - got my first PR merged at the new place. It was fun.


Finally have the new desk/office operational!


I’ve had a very exhausting but very productive week of getting settled into my new apartment. My first place away from home that isn’t a dorm!


The nearby wildfire shrank today.


It rained here - my lawn and gardens are glad.

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Built our mentor a new computer.

We didn’t cable manage it because we were running out of time, but it powered on.


Congratulations!! If you have any nearby thrift stores (especially in “high end” parts of town) I HIGHLY recommend them for china/glassware. No one wants grandmas fine china, you can get it for pennies (my kids can’t wait - insert eyeroll here).

Students got the to-be-upgraded robot reassembled and functioning for a Boeing demo (happening today).
Was told (again) that the school admin is still planning on giving robotics a newly empty room on campus.
Went to LA Rams training camp with some friends.


50 Amp battery capacitor tester works! Needs labels, of course :wink: getting our new exchange student next week. He likes robots! Mwah, ha, ha!


Finally got my first swerve drive running, albeit the code needs some SERIOUS cleanup… and the odometry is wrong by a factor of 2.5… but compared to where it was last week, I’m incredibly pleasantly surprised!


3512 was presented with a check for $2.4K from our local Lion’s Club for a BBQ fundraiser they hosted for us a few weeks ago.

The Falcon budget grows, now if only they were in stock…


Often, cookware like Corningware and Pyrex items go for a a fraction of what they sell for new and just need to be cleaned. Some of the antique shops in my area also have a section selling ordinary cookware for a few $.

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We finally got our swerve modules in and assembled them on Friday. Surprisingly, I only made one mistake on the swerve module I assembled that would have caused a rapid unscheduled disassembly on the field, so I give the MK4i swerve modules an A+ for ease of assembly (there is a reason I am on the programming team instead of the mechanical team :joy:).

I also started work on a cool scouting system I hope to release in a few months.


Our A-team made it to the finals of the SCRAP off-season event as part of the #1 alliance.
Our B-team made it to the semifinals as part of the #3 alliance. We also brought home the Safety award for the event, and had some wonderful showings and progress from both of our drive teams.