Weekly Wins 08-19-2022

Who has something cool that happened this week?

Because I’m a huge nerd I started playing a miniature war-game a few weeks ago. I won my first game this week. Nevermind that I lost two units to consecutive headshots, adjusted plan and my dice rolls went from “abysmal” to “excellent”.



I spent the past 3 months being a mountain ranger in the state of New Mexico, mentoring scouts in all things backpacking and back country. It’s like mentoring robotics, only less machines and more mountain lions.

Shout out to the epic kids from FRC 3128 that I got to take on my last trek of the season, ya’ll rocked!


Wow, a cow made of butter.

(And then it heavily rained and was set to rain the rest of the day, cutting my day at the fair short. Didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. But, maybe I’ll try my hand at making some of the food I missed out on later today or tomorrow.)


Noticed a major design flaw with our new battery cart just before construction started on it so things could get modified beforehand


that’s a BIG win


Found out the classroom my team will be getting for robotics is now empty of student desks and “ready to move into.” Just need a key. So long 12x12 closet (unless they let us keep that too…)!

Have the opportunity to get the robotics team highlighted as part of a 10min promo video our school district is producing for local TV. Maybe get some recruits.

And, finally, the team was granted permission to demo during our freshman orientation day next week. Hopefully we can snag some freshies and get them psyched on robots.


Lots of wins this week!

  • My last day at work, ft. a very nice lunch with my team
  • Got approved for an awesome apartment in Seattle!
  • Had a very sweet going-away party with my students and a bunch of alumni
  • Found out that four generation of CAD captains (+ a former team president) entered the InspireNC CADathon this summer, all kids I taught CAD to as rookies. So inspiring to see the long-term impact FIRST has on these students!

We saw the Illinois equivalent this past week!


Got myself and my dad out for a bike ride, for the first time in about 3 weeks.

And one of my OTHER projects at work got an unexpected speed boost.


The rest of the bay area will miss you too, have fun up there!


Moved into college, and started going through the process of class registration.


What game was it, may I ask?
Sincerely, fellow nerd

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I started a new robotics program. We will have 2 returning FTC teams and a new Rookie FRC team.


I got to see my niece in-person for the first time on Friday! My older sister is in town for the next week so we get to have a 1 year old baby running around until next Sunday!!


Battletech. Classic 8k BV game with any era stock mechs.


Went to our first offseason event, turned out to be a demonstration, but got to choose a new drive team, drive coach, see a Mig 17 and 2 F18s fly. Good weekend.

Also big thank you to 3925, 4201, and anyone else that helped with the FIRST Wings Over Camarillo stuff, it was great!


The STEM Center our team (and 5 others) work in got new carpet installed on the field.

Some of the parts we ordered for the 2023 season arrived.

My wife and I tried out a new food truck park. She got a monstrous burger that contained a beef patty, grilled chicken, a ham steak, a fried egg, a slice of ham, slices of cheese, slices of tomato an shoestring fries. We finished up with some really good ice cream from the truck run by one of the two best ice cream shops in Houston.


You needed some ice cream after that huge burger?

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We took half of it home.

Edited to add: I mean the burger

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