Weekly Wins 08-27-2021

I think we all know the drill by now, let’s hear what went well, what you’re glad for, see random pictures of your pets, or whatever made you happy that you want to share.

My win - fixed a longstanding bug at work. In something that should shock nobody - I’m actually decent at SQL.


Demoed our robot on STEM Day at the State Fair with our friends Swartdogs and Children of the Corn AND we got ice cream from one of our most awesome sponsors!


My doctor was well-satisfied with my progress 6 weeks after total knee replacement.

And I started driving again this week. Turns out, it’s easier getting into the driver’s side of the car than the passenger. I should have tried it a week or two ago.

  • My proposal was accepted for the Assistive Technology Industry Association conference next January. Haven’t been to Orlando since 2017, so it’ll be nice to have some warmer weather.
  • Figured out how to make one of my other work projects do wonderfully ugly things for even easier assistive switch control of an iPad on the cheap.
  • 1293 found their webcam, so I can see in the shop during meetings while COVID conditions bar me from campus
  • Tested negative, because that’s a thing to be concerned about when 1.5% of the county has tested positive in the last two weeks.
  • Caught word that a school who’s been out of FRC for over a decade now is looking to get back in. I’ll take it!

Our team had our first two meetings of the fall this week! I wasn’t there because I was at work (boo!) but it seems to have gone well. So far we’ve picked up 4 new members, and had 3 pre-pandemic members come back after a year away from the team.


Tomorrow is my three year Security + anniversary (Sec-501), I already have the next 3 years solidified thorough 2024. Now on to gaining another 50 CEUS in next three years to bring me to 2027. Great cert for anyone wanting to get into IT, highly recommend. Love my new role.


New robot-transporting wagon, paid in full!


Finally making some meaningful progress on a project I’ve been working on for most of the summer! Hopefully going to be a scaled up version of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woCdjbsjbPg

And I got some beautiful flywheels from SDS.


Pretty… but what is it?

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Oops, forgot to include description. I added it to my original reply.

First new member meeting in 2 years.

More shop upgrades going as well as we could hope.


I made it through my first week of college!


There was a robot meeting at school…I wasn’t there, but I hear we have 5 new students (for a total of 6), and recruiting will continue.


Was able to work from home for the first time since The Big Freeze back in February. It was really nice not having to deal with the traffic.

Bought an inexpensive second vehicle from a friend for running around town and to serve as a backup for my SUV. The odometer on my SUV is just 100 to 200 miles short of 250,000. It also means my wife and I won’t have to share one vehicle when she comes to visit. There is public transit where I live and work. The difference between the cost of the electricity and the cost of gasoline is enough to cover the cost of insurance. I also won’t be considered a “wannabe” when I attend the electric car club Zoom meetings.


Fabricated the Rear Panel for my Amateur Radio Portable Box.


Had our first in person meeting since school got out, and I am excited for the offseason. We’re currently planning on going to Block Party and Chezy Champs, and potentially Auburn when details come out for that. Been working on improving my render skills, learning blender rigging and animation.


Definitely thought that was the real deal before I read your post. I love the wear on the field tiles!


I’m still not convinced they don’t just have very clean floors.


I (with the help of Hasan Hoca) cooked a big dinner(lots of food, not lots of people) at my house for this past years three Volunteers of the Year in Turkey, and we finally gave them their trophies (as they recently came via my parents luggage). I don’t see a lot of FRC folks in person these days, so it was a lot of fun to host a nice dinner with some great people on the balcony here :slight_smile: We did a small cool ceremony with my dancing LED lights and music too :stuck_out_tongue:


I made it through my first week* of being at WPI! Classes are off to a good start, and I’ve already made some new friends (including someone from this forum…), which has really helped to take the edge off of being away from home.

* Oddly, it feels like it’s been several weeks. I guess there’s just been so much going on, and so little rest, that my sense of time is terribly distorted now. Oops.