Weekly Wins 09-10-2021

Yes CD, I know I make this thread every week… it’s in the title. That’s the whole point. It’s like also one of the only threads I do… I guess you could say

So let’s hear your wins.

I wrapped up the code development on some new things at work that’ve been a year in development. Onto the next project :slight_smile:


I took my newly assembly amateur radio box out for its first run and made 8 contacts across the United States using a Slinky and a Tape Measure as the antenna. Worked surprisingly well.

Also, 3468 had its first meeting of the year, fingers crossed we accomplish more this year than the last. Starting with the Air-Cannon Bot we started redoing the control system for last year!


@RoboChair and I finished our latest smoker build this past week. This one is designed to be towed by a bike.

We learned a lot since our smoker build last year. We’ve made a lot of improvements, including 5x the grilling surface area of V1.

Here’s a video of me towing the 400lb beast!



Our middle school FTC program had it’s first meeting this week and based on the number of kids, we’ll be going from 2 teams to 3. Additionally, we got confirmation of grant funding which will pay for all of their registration fees and a significant portion of their robot build budget.

I got another event worth of videos uploaded (Midwest 2003) and it looks like videos are getting linked to TBA.

Oh and I finished mechanical assembly of my current pet project and am now in the wiring and software phase.

Obscure Teaser–> IMG_20210905_145611025_2


Thank you for doing this!

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Going through what I still haven’t gotten put up, I think I have footage of the following events 111 was also at.

Great Lakes & Midwest 2000
Midwest 2002
Great Lakes & Midwest 2004
Midwest 2005


I went on my first-ever business trip this week! The early flights and time zone changes wrecked me a little but it was a pretty fun (and very productive) trip. It was also my first time leaving my dog overnight, but my friend who was pet-sitting says she immediately accepted him as her new best friend and was very well-behaved and happy.


Had first FTC meeting of the year, had something 20-30 students interested. Quite a jump from a year ago.

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Midwest 2000
Midwest 2002
Midwest 2005

Please tell me you’ve got footage of 221 (2000) and 857 (2002 and 2005) at those.


Why do I get the feeling that there might be a few copycats once the rest of the locals see that?

(For those that don’t get the comment: Saying Davis is a bike-friendly city is like saying the ocean is a little damp. If folks get the idea that cooking devices can be towed behind bikes, there might be a few more right quick.)

For me:
Solve one problem, find another. Wash rinse repeat across the board.

Oh, and got my dad back out on the bike on the local trails after an incident a few months back grounded him.


Maybe I need to get back on uploading, ive been sitting on a fair amount of events and for whatever reason havent been uploading.

Ill make that my weekly win next week…

This week though ive dived headfirst into a website idea and have gone well over my head in html/css/js. I can now play and swap to a random YT video from a list at the click of a button, so its progress, considering I knew nothing about any webdev on Tuesday.


We’re headed back to Cow Town Throwdown. And we actually were even able to locate the traveling trophy (which has been sitting off in some office for almost two years).


And please don’t stop

This week was definitely an emotional growth week for me. I went to a relationship loss, and for the first time in my life, gave myself a day to just be sad. To let my feelings wash over me. To not care if my if I used way to many eggs in a half hearted attempt to make icing for way too many cupcakes. To just sit there and be mopey.

I then opened up about my injury, some of the current stresses of home life, school, and relationships to one of my dance teachers. Being someone who pre-covid would have never done anything remotely close to that is something I’m really proud of.

While being sad or stressed might not be fun, it’s something we all have to go through. It’s something that is part of us. By trying to fight it all the time, we end up becoming extreme versions of ourselves and it can become exhausting. You have to take time to care for yourself, but sometimes that doesn’t mean trying to make yourself happy. Sometimes you need not to try and fix the problem, but just listen. Empathize with yourself. Just be sad.

It’s OTNBO; It’s Ok To Not Be OK

The concept of OTNBO is seems counter-intuitive to idea of having a happy life. The opposite is true. Without having taking the time to let emotions process, you become less and less fulfilled. Those emotions stay there, bottled up. To fully experience life, you have to embrace all parts of it, even the ones we desperately want to escape.

I saw the most amazing band yesturday: Mucca Pazza (Crazy Cow in Italian). There is so much energy and excitement in how they preform. Every single person puts their all into the performance. The cheerleaders have caution tape pom poms, the guitarists have amps strapped to their backs, and the accordian player has a mega-phone attached to here baseball helmet. It was so amazing. I helped them coordinate a small bit with the robot delivery company starship, it was quite a great time!

Thank you Purdue for hosting outdoor convocations this year to help both battle Covid but still provide a great experience for us!

My side of the world of robotics has been ever exciting. I’ve been working with over lots of new students! Woop woop


Also, meet our new shop cat “limelight”!


When you said you were towing it with a bike, I thought you meant a motorcycle. You will work up an appetite and earn the right to eat the BBQ :wink::yum:


This is also my wftw :drooling_face:

Looking forward to the taste tests!


School’s back in session, and I went to the varsity soccer game on Thursday. We won! Looking forward to next weekends competition, and excited to do drive practice with other teams next week to prepare!


I finished my application for Michigan Tech, and now I’m currently waiting for my counselor to send over my transcript. 1 application down, and 9 more to go!


They could bring it to events too. It could be a fundraiser for them. It could even become a parallel competition if other teams bring their smokers…

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We had out parent meeting this Thursday.

And while I was explaining to all the parents to please sign up for dinners and how days we don’t have dinners we can’t stay past 630 and how much food means to a team.

Right then the heavens opened up a ray of light shown down and an angelic choir sounded as one of the parents rose he hand and said. “We own a catering company if you call me at 430 I can have a meal for 30 ready and delivered at 630”.

1745 is going to eat well for the next few years.