Weekly wins 1-22-2021

Let’s hear some wins folks. Your team making good progress on at home challenges?

For me- mixed bag. Loss dmv apparently doesn’t accept my birth certificate. Win, the person was helpful and hopefully I can resolve it easily next week.


Finally moved into my new apartment!

Also bought and built the Saturn V, ISS, and Apollo 11 LEGO sets. I need some robots to build or I am worried about what this developing LEGO addiction will do to my bank account…


My team has dug into the Innovation Challenge with gusto. We’ve got a small group this year, so we’re taking them one at a time, and this one floated to the top of the list.


First dose of the Moderna vaccine and no side effects.


I finally got out of quarantine today!

All of the parts I need to finish two of my projects either came in today or will be here on Monday!

And I made some more progress on the swerve

It will have it’s electronics installed by Tuesday and should be driving by the end of next week… fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


You’re probably going to want to do some upper arm exercises or you’ll end up with a “weekly loss” here real soon.

I made the mistake of leaving my printer on overnight and it got the Blob of death,
(((((Not my picture))))), I forgot to take a picture but I kept the Blob after removal. (Example of a Blob of Death below)

The win is somehow after removal and reassembly it work better than it ever has, beautiful print layers, less stringiness, and even better print adhesion.

I think my self-cursing made it work better…


I got into all the classes I needed for the semester, got a chance to dance again, which was really nice, have started working on my alignment, made plans for my new plants in my dorm room, and now have an end goal for our new indoor dorm pond. I’m feeling gooooood, woooooah!

(oh, and robots, those are good too)


I had a bumpy couple of days mental health wise, but I made it. Also, my grandparents have received their first vaccine dose!


The team has gotten our swerve mostly assembled and it should be driving very soon.



Nah, it’s been several days and my arm is fine. Pretty disappointed that the 5G microchip hasn’t started working yet though.


Fixture plate I posted a while back fits the metal that just came in perfectly, should have a test part done next week before we start making a bunch


Yeah I have the Saturn V and the Diagon Alley set to do. And yeah LEGO does a number on bank accounts :frowning:


Got a picture, what it was meant to be pictured in the back


Looks far nicer than any Blob of Death I’ve managed to make. Right now I’m fighting Caramel Bogies of Death in my translucent PETG prints.

Win for the week: I think our team has done a great job keeping ambitions strategic and reasonable. We’re actually staying on schedule with all the work that is being done!


So I got this (food) warming tray I asked for for Christmas, but because I was stupid and didn’t do enough research on them this one has no on-off switch, just a temperature dial. So finally all the parts and tools to add one have arrived. Said parts and tools costing pretty much the same as the tray. But at least I won’t have to be crawling under the hutch to plug it in every time I want to use it. And I get to learn how to use a sheet metal nibbler to create a rectangular hole. Hopefully next weeks win will be it with a working switch.


A product I worked on hit store shelves and I was able to buy a couple.


what’s the product if you don’t mind me asking?

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I have a few friends here who are AFOL’s too. They are “suffering” from the symptom you referred to.

I was able to find the new device programmer that a former coworker had purchased and got it up and running (he was laid off before he got to it). I used it to program some EEPROMs so we could test some new firmware for the brushless motor controller I have been working on. The firmware has extra short output pulses to charge the bootstrap capacitors in the gate driver circuit. Since this new feature is working, we won’t have to revise the board to increase the value (number) of the bootstrap capacitors and we should be able to use the current revision for production. We just need to tune the pulse width and repetition rate. I think my boss and his bosses will be happy with this result.

I also got a barbacoa quesadilla and lengua taco from my favourite taco trailer for dinner :yum: :+1:

  • Received and Assembled my Romi Robot Chassis!
  • Finally got started with Hack The Box along with a friend from college!
    • After having made my account ~900 days ago, lol