Weekly Wins 1-27-2023

Prototypes work good? Design making progress? Manage to snag the in demand part your team needs? What’s going well for everyone!

Mine is… well I’m not dead and we made it to our destination healthy. Pothole killed both of my driver side tires on I40 East through New Mexico. And now, after 7 days of driving across the country we’ve made it to our destination.


We were able to complete a highly detailed CAD last Saturday, putting us well ahead of where we’ve been in past years, which is a major win for us. The projected fabrication is also expected to be pretty simple as well.

Downside was/is, we lost essentially every day of work this week due to team obligations, snow day, large student absences (other extracurriculars), and a loss of this upcoming Saturday (cancelled because over half the team and both coaches will be at an FTC tourney).

So, being/feeling ahead is good!
But we’re not as ahead as I want to be. (Boo)


Our CAD team has finished designing the robot in Onshape, and we’ve begun preparation for our first ever appearance on the FUN Open Alliance show. Pretty big steps forward in terms of technical skill and visibility within the program.

  • Had some excellent design review/talk-through time with students
  • More or less sorted out personal summer work and funding
  • Had excellent meeting on the project my research is attached to
  • Made some bomb homemade burritos

Good week.


CAD v1 finished and everything for prototype is or is ready to be assembled and out on our practice bot base. We dont quite have a ground intake yet but we have a few options in the works.

Oh, and we have a full work day tomorrow so hopefully we get everything assembled and together.


It worked the first time! Bolted all the bits of this engine back together after fixing the previous person’s cheap decisions (and backwards thrust washers?). Started in about a second, and surprisingly smooth. Barely louder than the other cars with working mufflers.

Haven’t tuned the carbs or anything, and my Harbor Freight dolly engine stand is apparently overkill.


Potential themed t-shirt design finished; working on the back design with sponsors now. Also was reminded while writing this that for all the avatar threads I replied to, I need to remind my team to get started on theirs :slight_smile:


Found a trove of old FRC footage, dating 1996-2009 in fairly decent quality from a now defunct team. Currently going through and saving all of them.

One of the highlights, based on the subtitles of a piece of 1999 footage, someone wrote over their copy of Cowboy Bebop to save copies of their match:


I’ve heard NM highways are bad. (Never been there, so I don’t know by my experience.) Possibly even worse than MI highways.


Burritos make everything better.

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Reached my first weight-loss goal!


Yay for archiving old footage but ahhhhhh on their choice of media to overwrite.


We had >0 students at each robotics meeting this week despite it being final exams.


Strong meme candidates here

It’s the end of week 3, and we have a functional drive base, along with a solid plan for the rest of the robot!


Kitbot shenanigan prototype worked exactly as designed. Real mechanism production is in the works.

CD won’t let me upload the MP4.


We literally just finalized the concept for our design. Now comes the final CAD mad dash.


After a failed attempt last weekend - I finally got to go test the third new metro opening this month, M11 Kagithane-Airport metro line. That was exciting, and I made a day of it, getting out to almost all the ends of the system that I’ve not yet made time to make it out to - I tried out M9, and the full length of M8. So that was pretty cool. The airport line is really fast when it works (120kph). I still don’t understand why most of it is underground, but aside from really bad transfers, it will make getting to the airport a little more calm. Slightly easier than the bus, though I will miss the view from the bus. The bus takes the sky-road, as I call it, as it flys across like 80m tall viaducts over the city, Metro is all underground.

M9 had really cool rainbow columns in one station. And M8’s transfer with M5 is really nice and has very pretty escalator halls.

M11 Platform side doors

M11 Platform, the columns take the form of the body of an airplane, with Airplane Window shaped TV screens for ads

Escalators to platforms

Turnstile Hall level ceiling, color changing triangles

A different escalator to the platform

Turnstile hall level at the airport

M9 interior hall between platforms

M9 along the platform with train and cool art

Wicked cool rainbow columns on M9

Pretty Escalator hallway between M8 and M5

New platforms of M8, platform side doors.

So yeah, that was my Sunday, I spent the day riding trains all across the city, and then had a wonderful MacNCheese dinner, I don’t eat those often, man they’re tasty. Terrible for me, but oh so tasty :slight_smile:


I wrote some fancy code and it actually worked! :partying_face:


Looks about a million times cleaner than Chicago or New York subways.

One day I hope to be wowed by S. Korea public transport.