Weekly Wins 1-28-2022

So, who has made some progress this week they want to share? Find a cool new climb? Or figured out intake packaging? Or pass a test at school? What has happened in your life that you feel is a step in the right direction?

For me - I spoke to a team at work and it showed me a whole new career path I didn’t know was an option and now I get to consider it. :slight_smile:


Karthik and Vanshika said some amazingly kind and complimentary things about us on their show. Super nice to hear.

The first of the EWCP scholarship submissions began to come in; 7 weeks remain until the application deadline.


Got my first week in the shop for real as a MidKnight Inventor! It’s been a wonderful experience so far and it’s been a joy working with the students I’ve gotten to meet so far. Things in shop have been ███, █████, and even ██████! So glad to be finally doing robotics again.


Found parts to upgrade to disc brakes for under 1/10 eBay’s going rate, and put up matching, cheap shelves. (plywood under the drywall, don’t worry about the weird bracket spacing)


We’re back in the shop after almost 2 years out!


I survived an epic snowstorm this week. It was fun to watch the snow fall, and the first two nights were city-wide snowball fights and sledding nights. From like 9pm-0:30, the streets were as full as rush hour, but with only pedestrians, and that was pretty cool to watch from my balcony.

As I do not have a car, I did not get stuck on the highways for 20-40 hours like people who chose not to use the metro did, so I quite enjoyed the snowstorm personally.

Also, as I grew up in the suburbs in the US, I’m used to people having plastic sleds/toboggans for sledding - here, people just use plastic grocery bags - that was new to me.


Those look familiar, somehow… (the 1967 GT6 I had several years ago)

I got a call that my MG cam and tappets are getting ready to head back home, from Delta. I already got the crankshaft and rods back from their respective machine shops, so maybe next week I can start putting the engine back together.


Got back working on a personal project that got abandoned when COVID hit. Despite some issues with VSCode, I made some good progress today and I think its semi-realistic to have it ready to go before comps start.


I passed a training module this week with my highest score ever.


We laid our new carpet in the shop - getting ready for the field elements.


One of the most fun programming tasks I’ve worked on was using a color sensor to auto-reject opposite alliance balls— it’s just super neat to see work! Streamable Video


My rookie FLL team was able to record their robot run and scored 100% of their maximum score on the third take. They are now working on preparing for their interview with the judges.

Started at my new job at a post start up. The culture is very different from every company I have worked for. On my first day, I noticed a post on one of the Slack channels with a post memorializing the recent passing of Meatloaf with a link to this video. It was very refreshing to find that all of the other employees I met appear to be very competent and thorough with high standards. The weekly “All Hands” Zoom call on Thursday started with a brain teaser puzzle and the CTO giving a talk on J.S.B.'s “Musical Offering” and playing this video. After some orientation, I have started getting into the work and have been able to start making some contribution. This is going to be fun ride :slight_smile:


Hosted a FLL/FTC event in which 3 of the teams that I mentored made it to elimination. Also rankings for my school came out and I went up after what I would consider the worst semester I’ve ever had.


One of our carpet roles is almost done for. Not sure how much longer it will last with our testing/drivers practice. Our practice robot has been run through the paces and we have seen many problems with this game piece and the interaction with the robot. But with every test, we get more and more answers to our problems.

The final robot is nearly ready to print. The goal is to have a final robot mechanically ready for SpecCheck come next Friday.

In other news, we have secured our final space for the FUM/MN DEED Field that we were awarded seasons ago. Of the $3.3M dedicated to CTE/TechEd/Robotics, $1.8M to our Tech Ed Wing for machine and space upgrades, $1M to CTE overhaul business, art, and FACS), and the final $550,000 will go to robotics in our district. It is amazing the politics that goes into the final budget avenues in a situation like this. But our community spoke loud and clear - we will be gaining a space for robotics unlike anything I ever imagined.

In 2015 FRC 4607 started to lobby for a STEM Center. Now, seven years later our dream is starting to take shape. We will be able to upgrade all of our machinery and we will also have a dedicated space for all levels of Robotics in Becker’s school district. In recent weeks the school proposed a stand-alone space for our FUM/MN DEED Field - however we saw that the price tag was too high for this type of building. So we worked with our district and found a multi-use space that will save almost $2M dollars - and will put our field in the same space (~9000sqft) as our after school programs and ECFE will also have access to. What this means in my mind is that we (FRC 4607 and all Robotics in Becker) will have a space that is shared with the youngsters (PreK-5th Grade) where they play, and we play. The opportunities we have to inspire these young kids is imense. We couldn’t have asked for more - and yet, it is so fitting for what we are trying to do in our small town.


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