Weekly Wins 1-7-2022

Didn’t see a thread so I made this one!

Got a vehicle just in time for build season and had the bed liner put in today.



Yeah, I usually do it after work and I have to finish up some stuff today probably wouldn’t have gotten to it until 10pm eastern.


Took my mom for a ride around the block in the 1953 MG. She really likes that it’s from 1953, the year she graduated high school.

Then I pulled the engine and took it apart, and the good news is I don’t really have to rebore it. But I get to do a lot of other things to it.

Robot related…we had our first meeting of the year with our new (although she did it previously) coach, since our coach passed away last month. And we have five students who agree that we need to build a robot and compete with it this year, so off we go!


Its been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

Got the booster at least.


Feeling this.

On the high end of the rollercoaster, it’s kickoff tomorrow and I got a promotion at work yesterday!

…on the low end I can’t be at kickoff with my team in person because of a COVID exposure.


Got the booster two weeks ago and despite two COVID scares, tested negative both on a rapid and PCR thankfully :slight_smile: roommate is quarantined but they seem to have a headcold at worst. Taking care of the cat for now though.


Our weekly win - looks like we’ll have >80% of our team at kickoff, in-person, and socially-distanced.

But yeah, it’s been a rough week. Now we’re just hoping that the event COVID protocols don’t get ratcheted up so high we loose teammates who can’t meet them (b/c of parents), and don’t get so ridiculously low we loose the other teammates (b/c their parents are worried).

Can’t we just get past this and go play with some robots? :smiley: Ugh.

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Kickoff tomorrow and no announcement of a FRC Song Parody contest. Win.


Downside: the “Kickoff Notice” topic made me realize that I didn’t eat a single corn dog in 2021.

Win: I made some awesome fish tacos this evening from some wahoo by boss caught on Wednesday!


Saddly my Saab didn’t pass inspection this time around, and wasn’t worth getting fixed.

On the bright side, I was able to get a car with all the bells and whistles I wanted! (and big enough to possibly transport robots!)
I didn’t feel like taking a picture so here is a cropped one from the dealer… image


Not really a win, but a previous loss I plan on turning into a win:

Every year my team does a mock kickoff mid december, this year we were addressing a lot more new people than ever before so it somehow slipped out minds to watch our tried and true tradition videos of Scott Sterling, and the afterwards Bot sterling (Highly recommend if you haven’t seen). I realized the day after and I was so sad man it was almost funny.

Anyways, with kickoff coming up tomorrow, I can finally right this terrible wrong, and I can’t wait.


Had a good week

  • came back from seeing family
  • got lots of items donated to young FRC teams as part of our Houston Development Program
  • we got our lab mostly cleaned up to prepare for the season
  • started a new tradition of doing a scavenger hunt on discord on Kickoff-Eve it went really well and gets everyone laughing before kickoff.

LFTW: Recovering from what is almost certainly the big bad, despite the boost.

WFTW1: It didn’t hospitalize me, it just beat the heck out of me.
WFTW2: Car passed inspection!
WFTW3: Helped The Open Alliance come up with a little logo concept that teams seemed to like :slight_smile:

logo concept.


I helped organize an FLL scrimmage that was held this afternoon. I also served as the referee. I was happy to find that only one of the 5 teams did anything that broke the rules and it will be easy for them to fix it before their actual competition. Some members from my more advanced team showed some of their navigation and construction techniques to the more junior teams in attendance. It was a great learning experience for them all.

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  • Converted our Kickoff to virtual-plus-kit-pickup, which got us sleeping better at night (and was still a reasonable success today)
  • Got the final stamp of approval on my refinance, which closes Monday and will save me a couple hundred bucks a month at the bottom line.
  • Short week at work? I’ll take that!
  • Tested negative again, and because the University of South Carolina basically pushed all its chips in on testing a year and a half ago the full RT-PCR test turns around in about 12 hours.

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