Weekly Wins 10-08-2021

It’s Friday and you know what that means.

What happened that you’re proud of? Pass a test? Try a new thing? Did your pet do something obnoxiously adorable? Let’s all celebrate something positive in our lives.

My win is odd - it’s actually a loss. My other half and I have been arguing about getting a third cat for a while. She’s very pro cats. I lost and now little Ambrose is up in my office while he adjusts to his new home and the giants cats that inhabit it.

We introduced the other cats to him and the largest one was happy to play with him even tolerating Ambrose pouncing straight onto his face. The other cat, well, he will warm up. He is just a ball of anxiety. But they are only on supervised visits until Ambrose crosses 5lbs.

(And no, he doesn’t have a tail, it’s just a tuft. No idea why. But vet thinks he was born that way)


Decided to get back into the 3d printing game after some time away.


Discovered a massive, hidden brake fluid leak before it became a larger issue!
I was sitting at a light on a downhill incline and noticed that the pedal just…kept…going…down…

And now I have an excuse to redo all the brake lines and replace the master cylinder. Somehow only like $120 for the whole system, including MC.


We went to Calgames last weekend! The event was really well-run and we had a lot of fun.


We had a team fun night including some Power Cell Volleyball.


Lots of car stuff going on…but I also got to my first robotics meeting of the season. Not many students, and it looks like we probably won’t make it to the fall off season…but we’ll keep plugging away.

I got a new LeMons Rally car. 1969 Dodge Dart sedan, with the 225 Slant Six and Torqueflite automatic. It was slightly disassembled, but I got it running pretty quickly, and it runs pretty well, and after replacing the water pump, doesn’t leak anything (which is really bizarre for a 50+ year old car). There’s a Rally coming up in a month in California, that I plan to attend.

I also went to the Duct Tape Drags in Tucson, and got to visit with some car friends, including automotive journalist Elana Scherr.


Too bad Blitz isn’t allowing spectators at this time… timing just might work out.

I’m off camping (in a relatively civilized area) with some friends. That’s a win.


We do allow for volunteers, though. In fact, we encourage it!

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Skimming, I saw “Slant Six” and immediately thought of this: I Bought The Most Reliable American Car Ever Built. Now I'm Putting It To The Test

And yes, we need vols at BB. But I’m guessing if he’s en route from SLO to SD on Friday he wouldn’t be much help for field set up.

Win, got two Ender 3 Pro printers set up on Friday for kids to print in physics/engineering class.
Win, finally got robotics meeting dates/times set up… 95% new kids… hard to get consensus.


Field setup? Eric is a skilled professional key volunteer. :innocent:

I think you’re talking about two different people here…

I made a video for my latest project. The Chief Delphi 2000 robot is one of my favorites and it was a lot of fun to make a miniature. There’s a lot going on with this one trying to control an arm, lift, and wrist.

Mini 47 2000


And you’re not doing it in pbasic…

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That’s a huge win

First time at a comp in way too long, some really solid practice in for drivers. Ended in Semi’s at BatB, one fun as hell day, made me even more excited for Tidal Tumble than I already was.


Wasn’t talking about me. I’m on the Blitz volunteer roster already.

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Same here, except we’re heading to Beach Blitz instead. As a programming lead, I’m proud that our auto scored at least 11 points each match, and the only two shots we missed were a vision track without the target in sight and a ball release before the shooter was ready. We also found the simple fix to a long-standing intake issue. And nothing major broke irreparably. And our robot didn’t incite more than one penalty the whole event.

Also, toured APU on Friday and liked it.


I finally got to a corner of the city I’ve been meaning to visit for the entire 6-7 years I’ve lived here and 13 years I was in and out before that. Pier Loti is a strange hill sticking up kinda on its own, covered in a graveyard, but with a teahouse at the top and a gondola to get there, and the views are just epic. Two close friends and I went up there, enjoyed the view, had a snack and some tea, quite a nice way to spend a morning :slight_smile:

On the left is the European side’s main modern skyline - Levent-Mecidiyeköy, in the center is the Golden Horn Convention Center, and in the distance on the right you can see the Hagia Sophia standing tall on it’s hill at the tip of the historic peninsula.

As we were arriving it was almost full clouds, but when we left, the sky was perfect. So that’s my win for the week. I hope I get to go there more often, but it’s not suuuppeeerrr easy to get to.


Peyton, this is really really cool. Have you shown it to Dr. Joe, Mike Martus, Mike Aubry, Marjie Jenkins or Mike Ciavaglia yet?



Best bot out there!!! I have that little guy’s big sister in my house :grin: . I was very lucky to be part of that team(my first year in FRC) and even luckier to be the operator of that bot. I would love to see a video of this guy run.