Weekly Wins 10-08-2021

You make it look so easy! There is definitely a big difference between this and this.

I love seeing all the innovation that teams had in the earlier days of FIRST. CD 2000 is for sure a top bot of all time.


I got a 1450 on the PSAT


After a very stressful day of little to no sleeping or eating we (me and my intro to robotics partners) managed a 5 pizza auto (ignore the fact that it was 3 hours late, also that it immediately broke upon being watched by the professor in a weird edge case that had never happened before, as one does (I think we overheated the motors due to 6 hours straight of abuse whoops…) still managed to get 33 out of 30 points for the demo itself)

Then we managed to place second in the competition challenge!

Meet robot name TBD (no it is not named Hugh no matter what some people tell you)
(Yes that is a dominos giftcard holding our intake together)


Dominos GC goes hard

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