Weekly Wins 10-15-2021

I think we all know the drill by now.

My win - Ambrose continues to gain weight at an appropriate rate (which is a statement I kinda wish my medical providers would say…) and the vet says he is “holy crap so cute” which is, I think, a clinical diagnosis…


I got registration and insurance on my new 69 Dart. And it seems like it really does only have 47k miles on it, like the title says. It doesn’t act worn out…just old. I took a little test drive over to Bisbee, too.

And for robots…it was fall break, but we were able to get into the robot room, so 5 of us played with robots for a couple days. We have a couple new students who are diving into programming, and on returning student who is getting to know more about how things work.

And event preference is a thing this week.

No kitten pics for me, sorry…but a Bisbee picture


Finished my term and now chilling out with my robot family eating food and doing lots of sparklers. Also pretty foliage


Like many teams I suspect, fundraising has been a challenge lately. We held our first ever team garage sale and we were very happy with the results.


I bid on a won a pretty decent size job at the sheet metal shop I work at


We pulled off our first big outreach event for our workshop sponsor, and over 1000 people showed up to play with robots even though it was 95 F outside (it was an outdoor event) in mid-October and it was up against a big college football game that everyone in this state watches. I’m also really proud of our student leadership team for taking on their first big event and being gracious hosts!

The bandsaw, drill press, belt sander and 3D printer all arrived so the space will start looking a lot more like an actual workshop shortly! Now we just need some work surfaces to install them on (hah!) Exciting.


The James Webb Space Telescope made it safely to French Guiana. Full story, videos below:


I sold the bike that’s been giving me issues since I brought it to college, and the transaction couldn’t have gone smoother


We’re playing with other robots again! Great to see faces I haven’t seen in almost two years.


Built a Physical Disable Button for the Raspberry Pi RobotOpen Controller I built for 3468’s T-Shirt Cannon Bot as since there is no keyboard, the only other way to disable the robot was via touchscreen. So I’ll feel much more comfortable with this.

Built an End-Fed Halfwave Antenna intended for portable use. Should be taking out for its first go-round tomorrow for the Parks on the Air Autumn Support Your Parks Weekend! Additionally got my Pinebook Pro ARM Laptop setup to be a decent portable ham radio logging machine that can even pull info from the radio itself to fill in some of the log info.

Got a new Desk Chair! My old one, that I bought used, finally gave out after ~6 years of regular use, with the last 18 months of which being daily/heavy use.


We did two sponsor presentations this week. We had a couple of new people step up that I was very impressed by. Gives me hope for the future.


Got my Covid booster shot and my Flu shot :adhesive_bandage:


Hosting our first offseason is going great, and both robots have been working really well.


I’m not sure if this is a 10-15 weekly win or if I should wait until 10-22. But I’ll post here. We had a really great weekend.

Friday and Saturday we went up north and attended 2 great concerts at Interlochen Academy, performed by some very talented HS students from around the world.

Today my daughter and her husband visited and we had a really nice time.


Either… both. I aint a cop.


A (literal) win, at Bash at the Beach… nice to play robots again.


And we all survived playing with other robots–at least the people did, maybe not all of the robots!

(insert 3512’s missing head pictures here)

It’s been too long, won’t be that long again as Beach Blitz is in a few weeks.


I got my applications in for Michigan Tech, Purdue, and MSOE this weekend! 3 colleges down, and 6 more to go.


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