Weekly Wins 10-16-2020

It did create a really cool graphic. Quickly, capture it!

Just reminded me of: The 2 colors of my FIRST “Real Racecar” (a 63 Dodge Polara 440 I flat wore out, then a great 383 out of a 69 Road Runner my uncle built, in trade for my used up 440 +1K Cash, he always wanted a 440 Six Pack car), was painted those 2 colors Kenmore Refrigerator White and Clear sky blue just where they flared the rear fenders to fit the slicks under them to cover the filler used, and 2 tiny thin pinstripes down both sides.

So, that graphic made me think of that that magic carpet ride, a consistent big money winner, and long ago days gone by…And made me smile broadly. A weekly win. Thanks.

Hurry up! The snow is just starting here in Minnesnowta!

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