Weekly Wins 10-29-2021

ALMOST missed it. Been a day, plopped down and watched a bunch of old let’s game it out videos and lost track of time.

In honor of Chezy Champs this week’s gif is a corndog.

My win this week is making a lot of progress on some career goals that let me exercise some of skills I’ve gained over years. :slight_smile:


We added a third regional in Turkey, and passed our 2020 team count, so those were both very exciting for us.

Also I had my first game night with my game night friends in just shy of two years, so that was a really nice step on the path to normal.


Thanks to the generosity of Allied Graphics we now have cool graphics on our team trailer!


166 just built our most complex robot ever and we get to compete with it today. A lot of work has gone into it the past couple weeks and we got it working late last night.


Two of the three FTC robots have enough code (and finished mechanisms) to score points this week. Third robot should be there in a meeting or two.


Actual weekly win, we won River Rage! Two events completely undefeated in a row, and we get one more shot next week and I can’t wait.


Absolutely diabolical win this week Andrew:

We went to Ramp Riot today and had quite a few issues. We had a bad ethernet dongles which took around 2-3 matches from us (of 6), the first match we ran, we took half of our intake off, and then managed to strip all 8 threaded holes in one of our swerve modules, completely deattaching it to the frame after a big hit from the berm. We then had to skip a match, lock nut everything down, fix the intake, missed a match for the first time in a very long time, and then fixed all of our code.

Our last match of the day we still lost, but it all just worked except some minor jamming issues. Then alliance selection we get 3rd pick of the 3rd alliance (there were 5 alliances). Since it was a round robin, we went round robin against a few teams, but things really started shaping up and we ended up going to finals 3 (not because of those penalty points, but by our raw ability, I swear).

We learned so much, we might not have won, but we had a lot of fun.


Beach Blitz is coming up this weekend, which means I’ll finally be able to showcase a really cool project I’ve been working on over the last few months.

Since I can’t wait to finally be able to talk about it, here’s a small teaser.


Have a few wins this week!

  • My license plate came in on Friday, so I can finally drive again!

  • I made tech theatre run crew for our fall play. I have never been on run crew before, and I will be the only one doing lights! Our show this season is Clue, and it opens next week on Thursday evening on November 11th. Only downside is that I will be missing our robotics preseason meetings for the next 2 weeks.

  • We played a game (Gimkit) in my AP Psychology class where if you were one of the top 3 players, you would get an automatic A+ on our upcoming quiz. I was #1 in the class, so I don’t have to take the quiz today!

  • Our school let us dress up on Friday for Halloween, and I chose to dress up like our team robotics coach. I have to say i think he was pleasantly surprised. I even finished off the look with a fake ID badge, a black computer bag, and his favorite Bang Energy.


A lot happened this week so the Spark Notes version of wins has been bolded :jack_o_lantern:

  • Existed for another revolution around the sun as of Halloween :sunny: Since it’s Sunday and this evening is catchup on academics, here are some kooky pictures of some sisters and I (light green sweater + Docs) with pumpkins on our heads in lieu of the TikTok that got featured on our sorority’s national Instagram account for Halloween, a first for our chapter :slight_smile:.
  • Stress baked three desserts in the span of 48 hours for a baking competition and got the W. Forgot to get pictures >,< but still had a fun time and converted people to the importance of browning butter for chewy and crisp chocolate chip cookies :cookie:
  • Got 2 more internship offers, both of which I was told to give a go by FRC people. :partying_face:
  • 5188 got our OTFR/ funding approved to get some new equipment. Getting more involved with 3128 as much as virtual works with Marketing/Travel Planning. Both teams are at a different place then when I left/ mentored in the Before Times so it’s as much of a learning process for me as the students getting back in the swing of things.
  • Some updated cat content of my roommate’s ESA: Mona is an absolute menace, no matter how much certain people call her a princess (cough cough @troy_dietz ), who probably needs more attention than 3 sleep-deprived and overcommitted engineering students can give. She is nice to have around for late-night homework and studying :pleading_face: She’s a bit too skittish to be an in-person shop cat but maybe she’ll make a virtual appearance.

    Pretty ready for home and break but hope everyone had a safe and spooky Halloween!

The 2022 Rah Cha Cha Ruckus was a success and the first FRC volunteering event after months of doing without for nearly two years. It felt good to be back!


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