Weekly Wins 10-6-2023

Well, Billie Joe Armstrong is awake now, so let’s all share some wins with him?

My win for this week - we had a great testing party and are on track for releasing our latest project at work. Also had a great discussion with skip level manager, always nice when talking to management leaves you more confident.

Also, I haven’t had to call a utility to get them to send a new copy of a bill because the mailbox melted… it’s cooled down a bit.


I was able to use the most powerful cloaking device in the galaxy on a couple of projects at work. They’re now Somebody ELSE’s Problem.

And ran a test on a piece of equipment, it worked.


Speak to me of this cloaking device… Not because I want a project to be someone else’s problem.

Don’t Panic.

(It’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide series reference.)


Just ran our homecoming parade (the actual game isn’t looking great as far as I know), but after an incident where our LEDs burned a VRM (over-current), our 2016 bot ran the entire mile distance under its own power and at the pace, which is a huge success for us, its essentially the first time we have ever been able to do so.

Also got safety training, as well as electrical done!

On a personal note, I started working on a FBS themed after a pressure cooker.


My team finally has a website up after months, it’s just a temp version for now, but we will hopefully improve it soon.

Also, I signed up to present a seminar at Maryland Robotics Education day! Super excited to see everyone from the CHS district there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Cats finally started playing together after 2.5 months since my GF and I moved in together, that’s kinda big… (vid below)


I’ve been having a blast printing stuff out at home to decorate the new lab. The robot with bowtie is now mounted along with the Robo Realm and Brain Power signs.


I’ve also been working on a checkerboard set and I have about 75% of the pieces printed out now. This Checkers design has at minimum 88 items to print if nothing fails so it’s a long term project. I’ll share the end result here next week hopefully. I plan to leave this in our lab for dead time, before meetings start when people get dropped off early, etc.



With a properly constructed Somebody Else’s Problem Field you could paint the project bright pink, attach RGB leds and a random passerby would walk right over it and not notice. Of course what you’re really after is someone else constructing one so you won’t notice the project anymore. It doesn’t work if you make it yourself.

/s just really love the H2G2 reference

For the first time in team history, our football team beat our rival team. And it’s homecoming so we had hundreds and hundreds (possibly over a thousand) people show up for the game!

Oh yeah and we did robotics stuff too. Don’t ask me, I just hauled the robots around. :upside_down_face:


I used a lathe for more than 30 seconds for the first time in like 4 years


I mean, I have no problem constructing SEPs. I just hand it to Someone Else and say “Your problem!”


The university where we work gave us use of one of their display cases.

(now we just need to figure out where the rest of our blue banners are!)


I got married to my now wife, who I met in 2016 at an FRC competition.


And you’re posting on CD at this hour? Good thing your new wife also knows about FRC and how obsessed we are.

My win: My wife and I went on a road trip. Not too many colors on the trees yet, but we had a good time yesterday. Thanks to IRI, because I knew the route from my travel there this summer.


We finally started putting a fresh coat of paint on our building after fixing some mortar joints (building is circa 1960s). This is just the primer coat. Two more coats of the real color goes on next week, weather permitting.

Starting to look like fall!

3 dudes, 6 hours, 6 gallons.


My prusa XL arrived :handshake:t4:



Had a fun but tiring night at Science Showtime at our local community college (thank you to the Friarbots 3309 for inviting us again!). Kids got to drive the robot around while one of our students controlled the cube scoring. May have found some (distant) future drive team members.

Based on Poly Rabbotics’s (7042) fundraising scheme, we’ve been selling frog keychains. In two lunch periods we’ve made $180.


Found this baby at a garage sale for $80

Always wanted to learn bass guitar ever since I started on double bass.

(This will be the 8th instrument I learn.)