Weekly Wins 11-05-2021

Not one of mine, but still a cute cat.

Gosh, it’s November already. Where is this year going?

I think we all know the deal by now - what’s going well?

My win - finally found a mix for a decent vegetarian soup… Also now have like 8 more servings of it so I guess serve it over some rice with some cheese. Otherwise, looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


Our first FTC bot is put together and running! The second teams bot is coming along well. Feeling prepped for our scrim on Sunday.


Finished up my piece of a large assembly at work… OK, ONE of my pieces. Another one has its last couple of parts arriving on Monday.

And I may have another in a couple of days… Beach Blitz, here I come!


We had a pile of productive meetings with potentially tons of positive results at work this week, and it looks like I’m taking in a second floof tomorrow, hopefully the first floof is cool with that. There will be Gece - Night (floof 1) and Düğme - Button (Floof 2)

This is a photo of Floof 1 - Gece when she wants me to feed her.


Nothing specific necessarily, but it was a really tough week across the board and I made it through without a melt down so in my mind that counts as a win.

I’m also now an official, in-season head ref for FLL (2nd year) and FTC (1st year). So a few steps closer to the ultimate goal of that yellow shirt for FRC.


I have several this week:

  • I had my last session of PT for my knee replacement. Although there’s still a way to go, I can see progress.
  • I attended FLL ref training - it looks like a pretty good game this year.
  • I signed up for 4 district events and MSC.
  • The soccer season - and all the rescheduling of games I had to do because of the rain - is finally over!

A couple, this time more condensed :slight_smile:

  • Belated birthday dinner going out to hibachi with friends; they had two reservations under Jessica and the other Jessica ended up being my grand-big celebrating her birthday which is a week from mine :partying_face: Still trying to finish the monster of a cake:
  • Accepted an internship offer in Los Angeles for the summer :sunflower:
  • Attended my 1st robotics meeting in a minute for 3128, which reminded me how much I missed robots this past year and how excited I watching Beach Blitz, being their first time going and the first competition I’ve watched since Del Mar 2020. Mona also watches intermittently
  • Befriended Mona for long enough that she sits on my lap now

I don’t want to jinx it, but setting an event high score with 4414 and 5199 is by definition a win.


Another literally weekly win. Just won Governor’s Cup/Battle of the Bay! That’s the third in a row, and I couldn’t be more proud of all my students, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next year


Got my first two event volunteering assignments for 2022. I big step back towards normalcy in my life.


And we are so happy you are BACK! Happy (belated) birthday! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I now have a patent!

(I learned this belatedly. Turns out they don’t say so; you need to proactively look up the status. Or in my case start getting spam from “patent societies” like you do school “honor societies”.)


I got accepted into Milwaukee School of Engineering on Wednesday and I should be hearing back from UW-Milwaukee soon. I’m certain I’ll get accepted, but you never know. :slight_smile:


Got all 38hp of this from the veeeeeery back of a veeeery full lot in Long Beach to the driveway.

I have never made so many sketchy tyre changes in a single hour:


That looks like a great bot!

Our teams are almost ready to mount electronics.


And so, uh, what do you have to say about that now? (Don’t worry, you can answer after you’re done celebrating.)

For me, survived the Blitz at the Beach, with assorted adventures in zebra and possibly bumblebee training, and then made it back home for dinner with family.


I have some reasons why losing to 4414 in finals should be unofficially considered an event win. Primarily because their team structure is vastly different in a way that puts them by definition in a higher league.

My take was more on the lines of “you made finals, that’s a win”.


What’s different about their structure?

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I take that part back, JJ clarified some things to me on Discord. They were still leagues ahead of anyone else at the competition even by the end of day 1, so it was kind of a bad bet to expect them not to win.