Weekly Wins 11-11-2022

We made it through another week. Can’t believe it’s mid November already.

Anything cool happen this week? Pass a test? Launch a new project?

I have a few wins:

First - in the US we had our elections, and while the votes are still being tabulated it sounds like another well run election.

Second - made a lot of progress on controlling servos from an android phone which has been a lot of fun.


I got a really cool photo of the silicon die of an addressable LED. The contents of this photo are under a third of a millimeter on each side.


Team is getting to the point where we have a LOT of moving robots. Helps now that our programming team has grown. Getting stoked for the season!!

We also made some progress on the cascade elevator, which is always exiting.


Wasnt in my car when it got hit. Gonna take any win I can get right now


Glad you’re ok. Hope it all gets fixed/replaced easily and quickly.

Despite the relatively minor (exterior) damage, my insurance has already warned me to be ready for the inspection to consider my car totaled. Hoping i can find something not priced 3x what its normally worth…

I was a poll worker here in Michigan, and my precinct went smoothly. We had great turnout, including a lot of young people and first time voters. Working the election is always a long, exhausting day, but it is super gratifying.


Funds came in for a grant I received to breathe some life back into the metal shop at the school where I teach.

Looking to get the basics, but the idea of having more than 2 7/16" wrenches for a class of 8+ kids is exhilarating! (among other tools/toys on my list)


It’s on my list of “things to volunteer for” one of these years.

Always glad to hear it’s a positive exp.

Spent a few hours organizing our work area. Already a lot of improvement, and we’ve found plenty of random things that we just don’t need anymore.

Now both the electrical workbench and our main room are free! For a few months, at least, and when the new game comes, it’ll be back to feeling cramped. But I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.


One of my newer work tasks is drawing towards a close, just need some painting to wrap up and then I should be able to button it up on Monday.


Thrifty elevator finally launched, along with new version of our encoder. Thrifty stuff is so much fun to work on and see the community react to. Hopefully lots of teams get a lot out of it all!

We dialed in our aluminum routing on the Omio, and I certainly learned a thing or two doing it. @Mark_Wasserman is a pretty crazy guy, but we like him (below).


I got a 99 on a calc bc test and the teacher has never had anyone get a 100 on a test.

I cadded my first rolling chassis in under an hour.

It’s getting close to show week for my school play. We got costumes today and they look good.


I’m able to actually relax this weekend. This is my first weekend in a month without an offseason event. Might repaint my bedroom.


Last week my best friend had her baby, so that was pretty exciting.

This week we traveled to Mersin and Ankara (I just got back to İstanbul ± an hour ago). It was a long exhausting trip, but very productive and mostly fun :slight_smile: Saw new parts of Türkiye, like the mountains between Mersin and Nigde, and the flat emptiness of Nigde itself.


Survived another week.
Parents in town for an aunt’s 80th bday.
My dad has given me two of his 60s/70s film cameras (a cheapy Nikkormat, and a not cheapy Hasselblad).


We just had 6 FTC league meets in Dallas with no major issues on the same day. As a designer of our tech kits, I am very happy that I did not have to play phone support very much


The Trobots hosted our first craft fair. It raised some money but more importantly we had several students express interest in the bot and a couple of skilled adults express interest in mentoring.

I also presented a workshop on programming for the KC area mentors workshop . It went well . Slides for those interested FRC Programming - Google Slides


This is bittersweet (a little bitter that this HAD to happen, but super sweet that it ACTUALLY happened), Statement from the Citrus Circuits regarding IFI . What exactly happened? A team decided to take a stand for what they believed in at their own expense.


I finally got my camping trailer frame all welded and ready to take to the DMV to get my VIN and plate!! A pic of the frame sans deck and an older CAD of the trailer.