Weekly Wins 11-19-2021

How this week has felt - woke up Tuesday thinking “ah good it’s Saturday” So you get a picture of Bear grumbling I woke him up from his nap… he has such a hard life.

What was good for you this week? Anything cool?

For me - honestly it was one of those weeks where I was happy I managed to wake up mostly on time every day (5 minutes doesn’t count as not waking up on time)


Started working on getting our lab organized for the season.

We also had a virtual team meet up with several of the 2020-2022 Houston area teams to continue to help prepare them for the 2022 season.


I paid off my student loans. Debt free at 24 :slight_smile:

(I’m very lucky to not have had an absurd amount of debt. But it still put a dent in my wallet.)


I found out this week that I will be receiving 10 large crates soon, so that’s exciting


Mmm, I’m very jealous. Got links for the tray and what the color codes mean?

VIPs came, VIPs saw, VIPs seemed happy, VIPs left. It’s a good week.

@mdurrani834 looks like the codes are “this is a driver of X size”. Makes it easier to identify the drivers. Though I have the same question on the tray, looks pretty nice.


Organizers are printed based on a commercial brand I have seen.

The model is pretty rough but works okay.

Color is supposed to mark size but there are some missed marked ones we need to weed out or change.


Prototyping Production is in full swing!

We made a spreadsheet for 3D printing sign-ups allowing team members to outsource printing to other 3D printers. It tells use how many more we need:

TTB Blocks for structural prototyping. Huge fan of these:

What we have so far:


I was head ref for an in-person event for the first time in 20 months - Armada Automation FLL qualifier event.


Released thrifty telescoping tube system, and will be releasing another big one here soon!! Also, I got all in person stuff done for the year and can work remote for the remainder of the year at my real job. And at school, I finished my last lab at college!! Lots of wins this week after what seemed to be loss after loss for a long time.


Our new programming team (of two) put some new code on an old robot, and made it move they way they wanted it to. Which at this point, is very welcome news for our very small team. Oh…we also managed to get a PO to cover registration for the upcoming season, in time.


The workshop for the brand new team is starting to get some stuff in it.


huh, I used to work for the US Army Communications Command (USACC). I guess it’s a different acronym :slight_smile:

looks good!

We are in the aviation section of a very large science museum. I am pretty sure it’s this USAAC. It will repainted, eventually, as we are part of a new robotics incubator space (that’s what they are calling it, anyway).

Also, we have 2/3rd of an FRC field carpet we can roll out for practice, which is a game changer for a lot of things, coming from a place where there was literally no place to practice.

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US Army Air Corps makes sense.

Have fun!

I just printed some of the Spectrum parts and I am fairly pleased with the results:

Here is an Onshape link.


Very cool those are working, we’ve only done limited testing, so please let me know if there are things that can be improved.

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Completed my 60th trip around the sun and notched something of my bucket list by visiting Normandy.


I got a new FLL team up and running this morning. The team members are starting to learn to program the SPIKE Prime. A bunch of the parents started working on assembling the field elements and appeared to be having so much fun it made the kids jealous :slight_smile:


We had had our first FTC event of the season and our teams ranked 2, 3, and 6.