Weekly Wins 11-20-2020

Another Friday another wins thread.

Surely folks have something to celebrate this week.

For me - the project I’m working on at work just launched publicly which was super cool. (It’s my first product launch here).


The 166 students got me hooked on RC cars so I decided to buy one. Can’t wait to break it in tomorrow.


I used to run R/C cars and Airplanes. As they can be expensive hobbies, I had to choose one. I chose R/C airplanes.


Made a nice fixture plate for some elevator bearing blocks and hit some high speeds doing it (well, higher than I’ve ever run).

Hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have gotten a nice SAT score back.


Finished three of my classes this semester. I hope to finish a take home final tonight, and then I’ll only have one class left for my first semester as a full time college student.

I still have to stay on campus for till the 24th for that last one :confused:


I just got the news that I passed my PhD qualifying exams. Now I can get back to the easy hard part, my research…


Warm weather, so we put the Christmas decorations out on the front porch. (But we won’t turn the lights on until next week.)


This advice to PhD candidates was popular back in the day:


Introduced one of our “I only want to assemble” students to Onshape and had him begin work on our shooter.

My 8 month old granddaughter just came to visit me at my office. :grinning:


I just finished CADing and ordered all the parts I needed to get done this week, and I got a negative COVID test yesterday (and my folks got theirs), so I’m all set to drive home tomorrow! Thanksgiving will just be me and my parents and one of my sisters this year, but I’m still really looking forward to the change of scenery & change of people to hang out with (my roommates are great, but it’s still been a long 8 months!)


Just added a second monitor to my set up and about to start CHEZY CAD 2020!


The Slash is the best value in R/C. Fast enough to cause trouble, durable enough to keep your trouble cheap.

Personal wins:

  • Passed the test to become a Jamf Certified Associate for work, so I know most of the dirty tricks to controlling iOS devices now :smiley:
  • Had an unexpected series of conversations that made implementing Jamf in our office infinitely simpler
  • Worked 1.5 days of this week out of the office–one day from home, and one morning nailing down errands around the USC main campus and posting up in the campus library among a bunch of mask-wearing kids.
  • With @marshall’s help, found a USB hub that could actually charge 15 iPads at once while also tethering them to a Mac for content caching. (The hub is as expensive as you think it’d be, but it works out when your goal is to let anybody set up an iPad quickly and without murdering our wifi.)
  • Soldered my first stuff to a circuit board, which had me fit to cuss (spoiler: I don’t cuss) until it started working long enough for me to embalm the connection in hot glue.
  • Made my plans for a video getting shot next week: how to adapt a toy to use an external switch without soldering. We’ll be using lever nuts instead, and I’m excited to bring more robot parts into the office.
  • Tested negative once again. That will never not be a win.

Won as impostor against a bunch of my students.


I have become a Cloud Mentor


Avocados grow on trees


You still can’t convince @marshall those aren’t limes can you?


Look, when life gives you limes, make guacamole is all I’m saying.


New hire at work got covid. I was the only other person who hasn’t tested positive yet, and I kept that streak alive


More generally:

if (Arrays.asList("Onion","Peppers","Cilantro","Salt","Avocados","Limes).contains(whatLiveGivesYou)) {
    return makeGuacamole();


And on topic:

  • So far I’ve not shown symptoms after a contact last week with a covid positive (robotics) friend and mentor. His whole family has it and last I knew was still mild symptoms.
  • I’m back to tracking walks, though my 1-2 miles each pales to the 6 miles my dad likes to walk. About 7 miles during the 4 recorded times this week.
  • I weighed under 215 for the first time in probably 10 years or more. I picked up 5 2 liter Pepsi bottle to compare how much I’ve lost the last 3 months, mostly by giving up pop and not eating later at night.
  • I watched all the Queen’s Gambit, and I have no desire to start playing chess or watching it online.

Finished 1 cadathon(roboticon) and started another(chezy cad) and will start another(inc) on sunday.
For personal projects, I’ve been designing a simple gear runner robot inspired by x016.