Weekly Wins 11-26-2021

I hope all my fellow Americans had a good Thanksgiving however you celebrate.

Anyone got anything that went well this week you want to share?

My win - honestly, I’ve been enjoying a nice relaxing long weekend. Oh, and I repaired a watchband that broke a few years ago. This sounds far more involved than it really was - I just re-superglued the leather.


Took a step back to re-allocate my priorities and focus on what’s important. Hope everyone had a nice holiday!


I got to have my first full work day in the shop since March 2020.


I finally got floof 2 ( Düğme - or in English - Button) A series of issues - being too busy, getting sick, etc, delayed my welcoming of Dugme into my home by quite a bit, but he’s finally here :slight_smile:

Also, I had some friends over for thanksgiving dinner who I haven’t had over to my house since New Years eve 2019-2020, and it was really nice to have them over, and have good food.


We had all 4 of our kids and two of my siblings, plus a couple in-laws, here for Thanksgiving. The first time all of us have been together in almost 2 years.

And yesterday we cut a Christmas tree and put it up. There’s a wonderful smell of concolor fir in the living room.

  • My Gamecocks are going to a bowl game for the first time in years. I don’t even care if it’s the Bubba Bo Bob Bowl played at 2:00 PM on a Tuesday on The Ocho.
  • After literal years of multiple people working the boss, finally got a 3D printer approved at work. Settled on the Prusa MK3S+, as we have projects that can take advantage of the extra build volume.
  • My nephew turned 4, and his father had one of his friends going back to elementary school visit from Germany. Cool to see him as a mellowed-out dad. Also kind of hilarious to see an energetic 4-year-old American boy who hasn’t had a lot of people at home trying to use superhero toys to woo a shy 3-year old German girl into playing. (He had better success with the DUPLO pile.)
  • Short week work, long weekend with my fiancée.
  • Getting lunch with one of my old AndyMark colleagues today when we aren’t running around like crazy trying to put on an event
  • It’s the day we finally beat Clemson. Cocks by 90.

The scale says I didn’t gain any weight over the past two days. And the pies are all gone.

And FIRST said they got the registration money for this season. So we can really play robots, hopefully.


Moving rooms has presented some interesting opportunities…

Lucked out with the stud spacing here too, not that the little bookshelf speakers need it though.


Glad the catalogs are good for something.

We have a board game that we keep out all the time because the box is just the right height for a PC on a Zoom meeting, so it doesn’t look like the camera is pointed up your nose.


This is why I have my webcam hung off a microphone boom arm. Way cheaper than other arm options.


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