Weekly Wins 11-6-2020

It’s been a long week for some of us. Let’s hear some wins.

As usual, big or small is fine, let’s just celebrate things that bring us joy.

(I don’t like having to say this but let’s try to keep politics out of this thread please?)

My win is I finally assembled the new desk I bought for work.

perk of owning a house now and not moving every 10-12 months is I can go away from my previous desk made of saw horses and the cheapest top from ikea and the 2014 game piece I used as a chair.


Was able to get into the robotics research at my college! It’s pretty scary but I hope to learn a lot!


I bought a new CPU cooler, so hopefully in a week or so I’ll be able to get my desktop back online. Also, I made it through the week, so that’s good.


I’m not home now, so I don’t have my usual computer, so time to learn a cad software that runs on my school computer(i3-8130 4gb ram)! Onshape it is. So far, it’s been a smooth transition from solidworks. Loving featurescripts and configurable parts! I miss assembly mirrors though…


Ran my first mile after having COVID. Wasn’t great but there’s room for improvement!


I never thought this would be a win but the grass seed I planted a few weeks ago survived freezing temps and a light snowfall :smiley: and is growing TREMENDOUSLY

LFTW I just finished my last jar of orange marmalade. :disappointed:


Finished a painful AP Lang project today.


We’re distributing boxes of parts & tools to students today! Still have deep doubts about whether they’ll finish building their fall project robots by the deadline, but at least they’ll get some hands-on experience with something.


I got my 4K blender render cycles time down to 7 seconds.


I put Ubuntu on my laptop, so I’m pretty much a programmer now.

Found a food my cat loves.

Started our 6328 CAD project of designing a robot for the 2013 game, super excited for this.


Do a full Arch install, then we’ll talk :stuck_out_tongue:


Rode my motorcycle, to work, every day this week. This included one 30 degree morning :cold_face:


you lost me.


I accepted a job offer as a Software Development Engineer!

I’ll be moving to Seattle after I graduate in May :slight_smile: !


The WPILib development team released beta 1 of the 2021 software to teams doing beta testing!


Aside from making it through the week, I got a 3DConnexion Spacemouse Wireless, which makes working in Onshape a whole lot easier!


I’m interested in hearing more about your setup and process. A few years ago, we did 4K renders in 3DS Max and it was many minutes per frame.

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I finally got all the bugs out of the test system at work and was finally able to do the last remaining tests for my project to upgrade a brushless DC motor controller so it won’t keep blowing up. I had found that a new MOSFET in a buck converter was spewing out electrical noise at each turn-on and turn-off event and interfering with the communications channels so I only had intermittent control of the system. I found the broken pin inside the connector (shown last week). I found a bad gate driver chip that would distort the gate wavforms to one of the output MOSFETs when warmed slightly. I found I had to increase the bootstrap capacitors dramatically to make the brushless motor controller work properly with the 350 F ambient when starting the motor under heavy loads.

My local bike store told me about a website/app for finding and planning rides. Using ridewithGPS, I found a nice route on some very quiet gravel country roads. I only encountered 3 cars in an hour. It was also nice to ride up and down some real hills. The largest elevation I encounter on my local trails in Houston is a 12-15 ft high levee.


ridewithGPS is a great app. There is a route out in West Texas near Big Bend I have my eye on riding one of these days (hopefully sooner rather than later) that is really beautiful. Reminds me I should get back on my bike this weekend.

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