Weekly Wins 12-23-2022

^ Actual picture of the roads this morning…

Can you believe we’re almost through the year? I think now is a great time to be happy about things that went well. Especially as weather snarls travel across the country - focusing on things that went well can help.

For me - Today was the first of 10 days I took off for the holidays. I dropped the cats off at the boarders (driving through an inordinate amount of ice) and I get on a plane tomorrow to head to Arkansas. I also have found a great gift for my other half that was a lot of fun for me to find and I think they’ll really like it too.

So I hope everyone has happy holidays and that you can focus on the good things in your life instead of what’s not perfect.


Baked some cookies, and got around to doing some tricky CAD things on one of my battlebots.


Caught a cool rainbow walking to my friend’s house.

Also the mayor of my city was sentenced to more than 2 years in jail for calling the high election council “fools”. There’s a long appeals process, but the good thing is that it will push the public towards the opposition party more. The Mayor hopefully will not end up actually going to jail(He’s been a fantastic mayor), and his party may take the national elections, whenever they happen, which would really really be nice.


I’ve finally hit a point where I can relax for a few days and spend some quality time with my family


I got accepted to MIT! I can still hardly believe it but I’m super excited for university now.

I also baked a huge batch of lemon bars right before winter break started and handed them out to teachers and friends, and it was fantastic! Definitely would bake 2am lemon bars again.


Decided last minute to change travel for Xmas from car to train, huge personal win. Considering this was the travel conditions for over half the trip if we would have taken a car I say we made the right call, heaps safer too.

Train was late but frankly I don’t care. Pileup on I-94 was not good.


I joined the FUN crew! I’ll be on FRC recap covering events in California this season and I’m so excited!


Went out riding with my dad yesterday. After a not-really-win (missed a collision with some riders who swung across the entire bike path while passing a pedestrian–well, missed them but ate sand), saw this:

Feeding Frenzy - Made with Clipchamp

Must have been lunchtime in the Ocean Cafe.


Glass Half Empty;
Started the 2022 test chassis 5 months late.

Glass Half Full;
Started the 2023 pre season test chassis!


I see a picture frame.

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Family all made it here for Christmas, some weather issues, but they are here. My knee surgery went better than expected, I’m able to do stairs after 2 weeks of healing. And my Raspberry Pi order arrived, so I have electronics for after Christmas!!


RETIRED, as of 12/22/22!!!


Welcome to the retired FRC mentors. Now you can spend more time on FRC.


Working on a quilt of my team’s logo. Made a couple of mistakes but it is mostly done. Just got to attach a border and sandwich it.


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