Weekly Wins - 12-24-2021

The usual question - what would you like to share this week?

But also - in the spirit of the holidays, if you’d like to share how have you given back your your community this year?

My win - the sun came out yesterday and almost all of the furniture is in the new house. Still a lot of unpacking to do.

Giving back - this year has been hard for us, hard to give back because we’ve been so focused on getting by. But I’ve made a point to share my career experiences with others and have regularly taken the time to sit down for a video call with people who are curious about former employers or just being a SWE.


We picked up a very large donation of filament (200+ spools) that we’ll be sharing with Houston area FRC teams.


Win; finally got a car that drives so I’m not riding my bike in the snow to work.

Giving back; Gave more this year to mutual aid requests than I expected to. It’s not much, and I always wish I could give more, but I gave and I was able to actually help others instead of being just the one helped.


I survived the Christmas Eve services. (I’m on tech crew, volunteer, stage lighting and “as needed” support.) Three services coming off the heels of a very long day doing stage build.

That’s one way I give back: I work my tail off having fun.


With the Help of My Brother @PereBear and Father @GeeTwo we installed my new Mobile Amateur Radio setup in my 2011 Honda Pilot. Ran Power through the Firewall alongside another wiring harness to behind the glovebox and routed the Coax for my antenna I installed on the roof a couple months ago under all the door trim and also behind the glovebox. With both ending up in this compartment in my center dashboard keeping everything nice and neat!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I got more work into unreal engine this week. My sister and grandmother have started an exclusive club where you have to set fire to Susan the blender monkey in order to join. Life is definitely exciting over here.


Not a personal win, but whew! It’s up! But there is a lot to do this next month.


Weekly win: After about 6-ish weeks, I finally heard back from UW-Milwaukee and got accepted into their engineering school for biomedical engineering.

Giving back: I gave the gift of health and safety by getting my booster on Wednesday.


Got the FRC team moved from our existing space in the wood shop to the new room elsewhere in the school. Move went pretty quickly, and now we have a bit more space, it’s better lit, and we no longer have to deal with all the sawdust of the wood shop. Currently planning out a number of improvement projects we’ve been wanting to get to.


Our team had a broken canvas printer in our lab for three years. Took up a big chunk of space and had to be moved constantly. This week we finally put it in our school’s basement. I’d call that win.


I almost forgot to post this.

Continuing my culinary adventures, I attempted to make crispy pork belly. In the past, I was purchasing it from a vendor in the food court of a local Asian supermarket. Unfortunately, the supermarket closed a few years ago and I have not found other place that made it anywhere as good. All the other places made it so the pork skin was like shoe leather and not crispy at all. Thus, I started collecting recipes. On the weekend, I gave it my first try and the results were well worth it. I followed the recipe in the video by MulYeung Cooking on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdX1nHy6kl8 I also made a sauce for it using grated fresh ginger, minced green onions, salt and hot (neutral) cooking oil. This video shows how crunchy it was. I was surprised at how easy it was and how well it turned out so I will definitely be making this again :yum:


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