Weekly Wins 12-25-2020

Well folks, seems like a great day to celebrate some of the gifts life has given you this week.

What went well this week?

For me, my other half’s private student loans are all paid off and I have until the 5th off work.

  • One more negative test
  • Short work week this week and next
  • Uncovered some bugs, quirks, and interesting outcomes in testing new systems at work
  • Got some quality time with my mom
  • Replaced my malfunctioning Apple Watch with a new one. I expected the Series 6’s always-on screen to be nice, but I didn’t realize just how nice.

Using Zoom, I taught a team member how to use WPILib on a Romi. They had a successful auto routine by the end of the session :slight_smile:


Since nobody else has said it, I will. It’s Christmas!!! IMHO it’s the best time of the year. I know it may not be the same as last year, but I hope we can all find something to smile about this holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!


The days are now getting longer.


The previous week, ,y employer moved our division to a different location so they can consolidate and sell off some real estate. After doing some unpacking, I got my test setup working on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was able to repair one of the pieces of equipment that had failed last month.

Today, I finally got out on my bike again. It was bright and sunny and relatively warm. There were also very few people on the trails.

I cooked some Cornish Hens and I finally got to try a recipe that I collected a while ago. While I was on a Zoom call with my Mom and other relatives scattered all over the world, my neighbor dropped off some home made pho so I ended up having two dinners. It made the other people on the Zoom call jealous. :yum: :grin: :+1:


I got a rock!

Sorry, wrong holiday.


I got to see my whole family again for the first time since The disease started! Thanks to zoom, christmas away from home didnt have to feel like it!


Was able to take a much needed break from life. Who knew playing Pokemon all day was all I needed!


Got a new amp that I had been looking forward to for years. Also got to play with my brother’s new VR setup. Now starting the process of trying to get it working with iRacing. Had a good Christmas this year.

  • Turned 26
  • Got to see all my immediate family again (a Gathering of 5).
  • Didn’t have to sign-in to work to fix any devastating issues with my software release from last week. (one small issue, but not super pressing)
  • Got a Swiss Army Knife and a set of 100% Cotton Sheets for Christmas!
  • I still have all of next week off work too! (though I may sign-on for a couple hours to fix that one small bug because of the time tables we need the release fully certified by, but I know exactly what the issue is, so not like I’m going hunting)

Had a nice christmas at home. Got a couple of teams shifts for christmas, which was really cool. Also got a 3rd monitor, and printed a hanger for it. Went to my grandparents house with family today and talked with them outside, which was nice.


Got a free butcher block, cut it down and put it on top of my toolbox.

(…The block was free, but in the process of making it a toolbox topper, I burned out one of my eBay Speshul M12 batteries trying to get all the cuts done at once. Whoops! No visible magic smoke, but I can definitely smell the magic leaking out… doesn’t smell repairable. )


Started working on a model railroad layout with my dad after a break of a few years. (We got a track cleaning kit for Christmas)


Realized that the functionality I was failing to implement was a standard module that I could easily include. The end of the four day code fest may be in sight.


What scale?

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My family enjoyed the Christmas dinner I made.


HO scale.


Win was taking tomorrow off. Not ready to go back yet.


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