Weekly Wins 12-3-2021

Can you believe we’re in December? I can’t.

I think we all know the deal by now - what do you want to share that went well?

For me - Spent some time playing with the laser cutter this week to try something new. Can’t post pictures because it’s a gift but it’s coming out kinda neat.

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Speedometer decided that we needed to travel into the future and made a horrendous screaming (like, physical pain level noise) while pegged all the way to the right.

Two cans of degreaser and some very dusty graphite lubricant later, and it doesn’t even bounce anymore.


Alongside our sister FTC team we staffed a pre-regional scrimmage for local FLL teams and got lots of kids & parents checking out our 2020/2021 robots.


I broke stuff at work.

Yes that’s a win: We get to figure out why it broke and fix it before it leaves the shop. In this case, it was a COTS device that was supposed to be able to handle what we were doing to it… and didn’t quite. Once we* repair we’ll have to try a couple of tricks to avoid the issue.

*As the in-house expert on this device, I mean me, once we get parts.


The robot whose development I initially led is bolted to its lunar lander and officially going to become the first non-governmental robot on the Moon.




Launched an encoder, finished another project at work, only have one more week of the first semester of senior year.


I noticed that my students were all very apathetic this week. Chalked it up to them wishing they had more time off for Thanksgiving. Decided to give the kids a survey asking about a variety of school and class related topics. One was how the last year-and-a-half of “distance learning” has affected their ability to learn for the last three months in a “normal” class setting.

I haven’t had time to read all their responses yet, but seeing some interesting opinions.

The “win” is giving the students an opportunity to express themselves in the first place. A bonus is that I can try to adapt my teaching to improve the learning environment.


Got another win, this one related to a personal project. IT’S ALIVE!!!

And for those wondering: This is NOT repeat NOT a 2020/2021 robot. As evidence, one of the Victor 884s populating the base ceased to function at some point around the time of this video.


Swerve drive test project is coming along nicely:


Slightly out of date render:

We won’t be running swerve for 2022 this is a possible stepping stone, but we are risk adverse when it comes to the drivetrain.


Is that a tubing bender?

Can’t wait to see it up and running… AGAIN.

Nope. But it does play nicely with tubing of a particular size.

My three FTC teams were able to compete in-person yesterday, and 10723 was #1 seed and won the event!


I am intrigued by what @EricH is building.

My weekly win was receiving a new to me 1997 GT Zaskar mountain bike I bought for less than 10% of the original MSRP. It works pretty well for a bike that has probably sat around for 10+ years. I will freshen the grease in all the bearings, install fresh cables, install new seals in the fork and put on my preferred type of pedals before doing any serious riding. It’s an inch smaller than my current bike so hopefully, I will have an easier time learning to do manoeuvres such as bunny hops.


Its alive!

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