Weekly Wins 12-30-2022 (Also Yearly Wins 2022)

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Yearly Win:
2022 has been the most eventful year that I think I’ve had. My mental state has been poor throughout the last few years but as of recently its been getting better every day and its nice to know that I’m not constantly losing my head. I’ve been seeing therapy for over a year now and its been a meaningful journey to say the least, I’ve found out a lot more about myself and its a massive release of stress to just feel like myself again. I’ve also had the benefit of amazing family members, friends, and mentors who are the most supportive bunch of peeps I’ve ever known, Its hard to imagine living without them at all. I’m looking forward to new and exciting ventures as the new year approaches, the mystery of the unknown looks appealing as always.

I’m ready for the next year, and the next season to come as I’ve done copious amounts of research, theorizing and most importantly, obsessing with unnecessary details lol. Its gonna be one heck of a year.


Weekly win: Time off, lots of it, with a couple of slow days at work to break that up. And, I survived the Christmas Eve and Christmas day services on the light board!

Yearly win: I’m still alive, and raring to go for another season.


This week - My coworker came back to the office for the first time since having her baby, which was pretty exciting! We got to see each other three times this week actually, up from the more recent normal of once, which is always nice.
I got to take the busses and trains a lot, and cross the Bosphorus quite a few times lately, which I really enjoy. I don’t have good pictures because it’s usually in the evening and crowded, and night shots from a moving bus don’t work, but the view off the bridge is magical.

Also I got to see an old friend who I need to make more time to see more often.

Wins for the year - I was honored to stand with two of my friends as they got married this year. That was pretty cool. Also I was able to come and go from those weddings, across the ocean, by my own financial means, which is new for me. Before this year I really only travelled for work because I didn’t have to pay for it. I think I took one trip abroad in 2016 before this on my own, but that was only mostly on my own, I still had some help with it. So that’s a pretty big win.


Weekly win: Only one kid (plus her husband and dogs) managed to make it through the snow for Christmas. But 2 kids and my wife’s brother and family made it on the 28th.

Yearly wins: I completed my recovery from knee replacement surgery, managed to retire, and started another volunteer position.


Lost 36lbs over the last 4 months! Missed by goal by a few lbs, but I’m still very happy with what I did achieve! Goal next year is to lose another 80lbs!


I don’t have a weekly win, but my win for 2022 has definitely been reconnecting with FRC and the community around it.

I took some time off starting in late 2019- I mentored straight out of high school and it took a significant toll on my health. Stepping back was incredibly difficult, because this program was a serious pillar for my social life and mental health during my formative years. Once the pandemic hit and essentially halted all in-person FRC, I didn’t intend to participate in FIRST at all anymore.

I’m glad that I took the time to volunteer at regionals this year, and as a direct result I connected with a team that I now mentor. Mentoring and volunteering are passions of mine, and I’m proud that I’ve reconnected with that in a much more mature and healthy way.


Weekly: mostly that I kept my head above water. The last few weeks of the year are supposed to be slow in government service, but that’s not where I live; I received enough RFS (request for service) in December to keep my branch busy for most of 2023. And yes, I’m our production coordinator.

On a yearly win, I started participating in the Matlab Cody community. It’s essentially code golf, though scored by parse tree rather than characters. Problems range from trivial to “buy a textbook online” difficult [yes, I did that for one]. It turns out I’m pretty good at it; there are a few problems where I beat the previous scores by a factor of over 1.5.

I’ve also become the coordinator of my congregation’s “No Cook Friday”, which means that a few of us cook so you don’t have to. Recently, I’ve been chief cook 4-6 months each year, and it’s a rare month when I’m not doing at least a side dish. I’m chief cook for January, making marinara sauce, Italian sausage and spaghetti, with sides of green salad and garlic bread. If you find yourself in or near Slidell on 13 Jan, it will likely be the best $10 meal you buy in 2023. If you do, and have a better $10 meal in 2023 before CMP, tell me about it, and I’ll buy you a corn dog (or another meal truck lunch) in Houston.

I’ve also apparently been accepted as a Robot Inspector (RI)! * Until now, I’ve usually gotten my second choice (team queueing) for most or all of each event. CMP 2022 was the first time I was an RI beyond a Thursday. This year, I’m an RI for all four events I signed up for, all the way through. I have also expressed interest in directing load-in and/or load-out to all these events, which I also enjoy.


Got one of my robots in weight with all the bolts and stuff, plus some extra buffer room for wire weights. Thats weekly. For yearly, I guess my journal is still going strong, despite being 1107 slides long.


Seems minuscule because it’s usually a given, but finishing another year of undergrad. This last semester kicked my butt, but I’m just that much closer to being done.


Yearly Wins: This year I packed my bags and moved away to Seattle, and started a new career as a middle school makerspace specialist, working for a non-profit that works to improve racial equity in STEM education. I feel like I’ve pulled myself out of a rut I’d been in for a while, and restructured my life in a way that is better for my health and happiness.

Weekly Wins for the past two weeks: I had a safe and pleasant road trip down to San Diego and back to Seattle. No ice or snow or flooding on the roads, stopped in to see some Bay Area friends and my aunt in Santa Cruz on the way down, and had a lovely visit with my family.


Yearly win: NOT appearing anywhere on the lists of top CD users for 2022


We are all on our own journey facing our own challenges - there have been weeks when my only wins was that I got out of bed mostly reliably. The point of this thread isn’t to see who did the most, it’s to give us all a place to share what we valued as accomplishments and for everyone to celebrate them together.


Yearly win was changing jobs in January. My previous employer had recently gone through a bankruptcy to get rid of most of their $70B of debt and had been through so many rounds of layoffs that we were down to literal one-man departments. The industry they are a part of could not be described as the most GP and attracted/retained people with that sort of outlook.

The new employer is a post-startup funded by a number of large, wealthy investors. I get to work on some interesting new technologies with a group of talented people where we all respect each other and don’t play political games. My boss is my boss from a previous job and had shown that he takes care of his people and always does the right things instead of the expedient things. 50% of the staff work remotely so my morning commute has shrunken to around 45 ft. I also got a 20% higher salary with medical premiums 100% covered so I am able to make good progress on building up my toy fund for retirement.


A number of positive news stories about maybe > 30% solar efficiency (stable perovskites), lab-grown wood (zinnias, who knew), sodium batteries without needing cobolt, and maybe we are actually 20 years away from fusion this time :wink:


Has that come out yet? I have bad feeling I might appear somewhere on there…

Several years ago, I was speaking with a professor from a local university working on fusion. He said “fusion is always 20 years away from working”…

(mostly) finished the bullpen.

Just need to add the polycarb lining.


Weekly win:
finalized my PRs for my recent project at work, ending a 3 week sprint just in time for season.
The product I’m on is basically an educational video games for oilgas companies.