Weekly Wins 2-10-2023

So, we know the deal by now - what’s going well? Any mechanisms rocking and rolling? Anything cool at work?

For me - we’re making a lot of progress on a task at work that I’ll be quite happy when it’s done. Shipped a lot of code this week.


We made magic in the shop today…

Magic smoke.

Fried a NEO because of a code issue. However, the win is that we have plenty of spares, and we now know to take extra care to not cook any more motors for the rest of the season!


The real W in fried NEOs is that you can, while discussing your robot, conclusively tell all your friends, “TSMFC!”

Elevator and swerve are running on the real robot, getting close to making wrist and intake.


Team Update 10


This is just a plain old dad brag…


Also, I passed another important test this week.


You too, eh?

Passed a couple of design reviews at work, for upgrades.


Got the robot wired and plumbed and turned it over to the programmers—a week behind where I’d like to be and a month ahead of last year.

Officially lost a full 40 lbs since May.

Attended a New York State Master Teacher Program event today wherein someone said, “Here’s half a grape. Would you like to procreate?” to a room full of people and it’s the best out-of-context quote ever.

Found somewhat low sodium chicken nuggets for my homemade pizza tonight.

Edit: Oh, and a 4/4 on my annual performance review.


This weekend is my last weekend off until after championships. I found time to relax and enjoy some things I won’t get much of a chance to do over the next couple of months like board games with friends, watch a movie and be horribly frustrated with Goldeneye controls that didn’t change on the Switch.


Drive practice is paying dividends, and we’re seeing improved performance! Started out running 4-5 cycles when we first started practicing, and now we’re up to 7 full field cycles and a balance consistently in an undefended match. Still a lot of room for improvement, thinking 8 cycles should be achievable this week. Also lots of room for improvement by cycling from the single substation instead of the double substation.


We are extremely happy with how the arm pivots, arm chain tensioning system, and overall carriage design came out on the 2023 robot!

We tried very hard to learn from our mistakes in 2019 of which there were many.

Here’s some cool pictures:


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