Weekly Wins 2-12-2021

Well, it’s that time again. How was everyone’s weeks? What went well that you want to celebrate?

For me - I signed up to judge both Game Design and IR@Home. Looking forward to working with some of the new judges that are allowed now :slight_smile:

(Also a mixed bag, it’s my birthday tomorrow so I’ll be even more of a grumpy old man tomorrow)

  • Hit 2,000 ChiefDelphi internet points, a milestone bigger than getting my drivers license or even my own birth

  • Was chosen/allowed to compete at Harvard (virtually) this weekend for my school’s Speech and Debate team

  • Aced an AP World test

  • Made it out alive

Didn’t feel like it, but it’s been a good week.

  • Did a sorta interview for a friend’s startup, very excited about that.
  • Started research on a potential project that might help out non-robot friends with theirs.
  • Endured a very busy workweek comparatively.

I may be tired, but it was a week of wins.


I read a good amount and got a lot of sleep.
It was a tough week, but these small wins were nice.


A good friend of mine sent me an old software defined radio they had lying around so I’m excited to start playing with that!

Also, as of yesterday my partner and I have been together for a month, and I’ve never been happier


84% on my performance review for work, feels decent for my first season coaching :+1:


New Shop is getting 220 wirings put in. I hear the dust collection is also scheduled.

Decided that I’m going to make a lot of home improvements over the spring/summer this year.


My research that I do just got accepted into an art show! Woop Woop!


This has been one rough week…

  • Got my hands on a RoboRIO my father can use for his projects and experiments since he can’t get one for a reasonable price being unaffiliated with a team atm.
    • This also gets me an excuse to go see him soon!
  • Built a custom controller that will emulate a keyboard to send the keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable/e-stop the robot to the computer.
    • Will be doing a write-up/code release for that on CD once I’ve THOROUGHLY tested it.

I looked at the FLL game and had a phone call with the FiM FLL Head Ref. After hearing nothing for months, I guess we are going to have “events” - all virtual. In a few weeks I’ll be looking at a lot of submited videos.


My boss bought me pizza today


I’m judging a virtual FLL event tomorrow. Glad to see the kids get to compete this year.


We have 10-12 teams registered for the FLL tournament that a group of key volunteers have been working on organizing since October. We are grateful for the extensive assistance we have received from the people organizing events in Illinois, northern Florida and Ontario. It has been quite the learning exercise.

Personally, I picked up an antique bicycle repair stand for less than what a folding one would have cost. It is built like a battleship, is in decent condition and will look a lot better after sandblasting and a fresh coat of paint. I did have to make a 100 mile round trip, but that’s Houston.


This hasn’t happened in years… I’d say it’s a win!


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