Weekly Wins 2-3-2023

Wins? Making good progress? Want to just discuss metropolitan transit systems? Let’s hear about good things that happened in your lives this week.

Mine, my stuff caught up to me finally after taking a brief vacation in not so sunny Dallas. But it looks like everything made it with nothing major being damaged in the move.


I had an unbelievably terrible week, but as a result of that terribleness I get to see my sister in person, so we’ll call that a win for the week. It’s always nice to see my sister, even if it requires a 7000 mile/14 hour flight.


big W for 166, we got to powder coat the whole robot this year. Hasn’t happened on a comp bot since 2017.


Right there with you. I got to see my brother for a week and my niece and nephew, they flew from 700 miles away this time, but in June they will be 9500 miles away for the next few years, so it was a small blessing to see them now.


Andrew, is that what you got from Round 2?

My win: I passed an important test.

I designed a computer application at work meant to help keep certain information and files organized on share point. It was meant to be just for me, but I showed it to my coworker, and he loved it, so we came up with more features and conveniences.

Yesterday we presented this software to my entire department, about 50 electrical engineers. The feedback I got was “This is great” and “good work. Looks like you identified a need, and created a solution to resolve it”

Those comments have me on cloud 9


Nah round 1 - round 2 is a few weeks when my kitchen table (read board game table) shows up. Right now my living room, kitchen, and office are all full of boxes.

New programming students got PID control working using position hold on a 4’ long arm mockup with ~5lbs on the end.
We have ~95% of our electronics finalized and it all fits in a small space that is ACTUALLY easy to navigate and troubleshoot.
We have no need for pneumatics this year. Weird win, but makes inspection go faster.


Robot is getting paint on it a week earlier than usual, and we’ll be able to wire it on Monday (minus one pneumatic mechanism.)

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Robot’s been anodized and the assembly process has started! I’m feeling good about our progress this year. We’ve also successfully 3d-printed our way out of several out-of-stock-corners on several critical parts as well.


FTA’d two FTC state championships, which was a lot of fun (it helps when you can see the building for one of them from your window).


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