Weekly Wins 2-5-2021

Wow. One month down on 2021 already. Let’s hear folks wins this week. What went well? What did you do that you’re proud of?

(I’m holding off on my win because the pictures are on my laptop)


I got to judge FLL for the first time


Found out a mentor is looking into getting a Tormach SlantPro CNC lathe and a Markforged Metal X, on top of the 4x4 CNC router we were planning to get before COVID hit back in March.

Haven’t felt this excited in a long while, maybe even before quarantine to be honest.

^ Also realized Onshape can be used on an IPad, so I can CAD even when I’m too tired to sit upright… so like… most of the time. Much Productivity.


I figured out how to do some things in Blender for a school project


Figured out how to take what we were afraid was going to end up being a custom-spun software solution in order to fall into compliance with a client’s “infrastructure availability requirements” and turned it into 2 small changes to the existing configuration by utilizing aspects of our existing infrastructure.

My Automation Suite inadvertently saved what would have been likely over 200 wasted man-hours because it has better error handling than the “critical” infrastructure it was built on top of.


Made it through the first week of calculus non-behind enough to do robots this weekend.


My Solar Car Team’s new car parts are starting to come in. Its overwhelming my dorm a bit…


Did more robot programming than I think I’ve ever done in my life. (And by that, I mean I spliced Xbox controller support into REV’s code examples.)


@SiddheshDash We’ve had one for a few years now. Your mentor can contact me with any questions about it.

@LordPeaches Do you have any more info or links on your solar car project?


So, my win is that I have had this “how can we encourage outside the box thinking for game design challenges” thought mulling in my head for a few weeks. It’s not really intended as a tool for this year’s GDC challenge but conceptually I think the process of designing a game is a good exercise. Plus it’s fun.

The idea slowly percolating through my brain has been 3 decks of cards - A Game Pieces deck, a Scoring Actions deck and a Wrinkles deck. You draw some number of cards from each deck and those end up being your constraints for the brainstorming session.

So I started on some of the artwork

Im not sure it’ll go anywhere, but it was a fun thought exercise on how to stimulate new ideas by using randomness.


We finally built a physical version of our game piece for the GDC and it’s very satisfying to have a tangible version of it. Additionally, I got to do some cool programming projects for our scouting team, and I haven’t done any truly fun programming projects in a while.


Kids (in cohorts) back in class this week.
Had some success with in-class kids doing electricity exploration activities and showcasing to groups of at-home kids.
Robotics kids one step closer to rotating ball indexer (disc that rotates on bearing blocks and is stable under “strains”)
And I have a three day weekend.


We had a leadership meeting over the weekend about (among other things) “we have a ton of students showing up for mechanical team meetings and urgently need to figure out how keep them engaged”, and came up with some new strategies. Then during the week I got these slack messages from the design captain:
10 people

look at the cad document
Always nice when captains are listening and taking your advice to heart :slight_smile:

Also, the students chose a concept for the Innovation Challenge on Monday, after an extended, several-weeks process of narrowing down, and I think they made a great choice.

And I got two more negative COVID tests this week!


3512 acquired a new to us lathe and mill this week!

“new” one is on the right




Nice shop! But it’s not supposed to be that clean this time of year. :frowning:

How are you liking that 6040 CNC router? I am setting up the same one now.

FIRST got a new 7 figure sponsor, so that’s pretty sweet.


My rookie team got a base working, and my veteran team complained!


Two wins this week!

I successfully applied to graduate school at Purdue University for Computer Graphic Technology! I’m super excited about getting to continue my studies in graphics, computational art, and visualization! Feel free to take a look at my research in Image Swapping or my work in finding methods to allow Dance survive a Pandemic in Dancing Alone!

Second exciting news! We finally finished Pond 2.0! (Name pending)

My roommate and I are avid lovers of nature, so we design a fully indoors pond and garden for our college dorm room! The goal is to stock with fish within 8 weeks. Also, we are hoping to have a full harvest of radishes, bunch onions, chives, early grow spinach, and Kohlrabi before the semester is out!


Cattleack’s BBQ. 'nuff said.

Burnt ends and Mac n cheese for the Super Bowl tomorrow. Akaushi rib-eye smoked steak for another day. Brisket and potato salad for today.