Weekly Wins 2022-01-14

Since apparently if I’m not fast enough on this someone will steal the thing I enjoy doing every week :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m teasing)

So, new season… hope everyone has some solid wins regardless of their current state. We are all at different places, no wins too small.

For me - a task I picked up as an experiment at work because I was blocked has now turned into a fully fledged project. I guess it’s also not a win because it’s gone from something I was playing with to having requirements and stakeholders. But that’s positive. Just less fun.

Also “win” booster tonight. So looking forward to spending the weekend playing Pokémon and yelling at my cats to get off of surfaces.


My weekly win? The brand new FRC game of course!


From what I can see, we have a game that looks like it will be interesting to play, even if there will be a limited number of designs for the Hub scoring.

Personally, it looks like it will be both interesting and not that all difficult to ref. (Although I have been wrong about that last point before!)


For the second year in a row, started a season remotely. Good news: While not perfect, this time around is going much better than last time. While I don’t know what our final product will look like, we’ve got a good mix of ambition and caution already - such that I’m willing to build up a hope that we’ll have something cool come March.

Made some darn good chili this week as well.


So yes the season kicked off. ( woo robots)
But my win was Monday where the Students Mentors, Parents, Several Alumni, and some team friends delivered public comments to our school board. The board night was something ive been working on for the last year and a half, and I think it went really really well.


We get to play robots!

The way things have been going around here, that’s a really big win.


I picked 7/8 of the Battlebots fights correctly last week. Will watch last night’s episode later today, no spoilers plz


I got my third dose of Vaccine, it didn’t effect me nearly as bad as the first two, so that was awesome, just a persistent sore arm, which is no biggie compared to the first two (fever, etc.)

I also did some catching up on my sleep after kickoff, so that was nice, kickoff was quite exhausting, I can’t wait to go back to in person kickoffs. They’re so much easier to plan. Seriously.


Kids meeting to build a robot.
School isn’t going to shut down (as far as we know).


We’re meeting in person with good attendance so far. Challenging to keep so many new members engaged, but they seem excited about the game and ready to learn.


We are absolutely loving using 3D printed prototyping systems to help quickly build adjustable prototypes, they are a total game changer:


Got my third (booster) shot of vaccine. My wife said she read that doing some arm exercises helps dissipate the discomfort more quickly. I didn’t notice anything after about 3 days.

In preparation for leaving my current job, I spent the last two weeks finishing updating various documents related to two big projects I had been working on and compiling a list of “where all the bodies are buried” on the network. I managed to get it all done this afternoon and the coworkers who will be taking over my work said it all looked complete. Since HR said the week of vacation time I have on the books will not be paid out and I was able to finish my hand-off work a week early, I requested my last week as vacation. My boss approved it almost immediately and I went for a celebratory bike ride.