Weekly Wins 3-11-2022

I’m guessing we see a lot of banners in this thread - what do folks want to celebrate?

For me - it’s a bit of a mixed bag, travelled to Arkansas for a funeral. Decided that at the end we wanted to see some of the other half’s family and to spend the last day at a nicer hotel. Relax a bit.


First blue banner in the 14 years of the team, and the robot is looking better than we’ve ever had before.


Got a new snow blower delivered today - replacing the relatively small corded electric blower with a much bigger battery powered one.


My contract suddenly expanded in scope so I’m now substitute teaching APCS for the next few days and will be teaching an intro to engineering class for the rest of the school year.

Yay responsibility?


Mister Doctor Professor Ferrer.


I got to play robots!


I made it safely through a winter storm advisory (which you guys would totally dismiss) to volunteer at Week 2.


I survived the first event of 2022 in İzmir. If it would stop snowing, we have two more to go in İstanbul starting on Monday! Snow in March… I’m pretty sure in my 7 years I have not been unfortunate enough to see that. I really thought I was done with large snowfalls when I left Chicago. There’s palm trees here… :stuck_out_tongue: It sure looks pretty though.


I also got to play (inspect & troubleshoot) robots at the Channelview event.

I also had a front row seat for witnessing 118 and 8177 pull off a double Traversal climb in Q51



We took a robot, that as of Wednesday night, looked like it may be a potato, and turned it in to a working thing on inspection/practice day. Went 5-6, placed 25th.

Sleep now.


Yep, definitely.

Got to see a bunch of folks I haven’t seen in a couple of years (or in person, in some cases) and have a grand ol’ time with a bunch of robots.


Biggest win of this weekend’s competition happened right after our 2nd Quarter Final Match. We won the match, but snapped the Dyneema on our right telescoping climber.

Normally this would be panic time, but our kids rallied. We had the right climber assembly off, replaced with a spare, pit tested, and did a practice climb on the practice field within 15 minutes. Worked perfectly the rest of the competition.

So incredibly proud of these kids! I was never even worried.


I had a behind the glass view of 2122 and 114 doing it several times in eliminations at AZ North :slight_smile: Very fun!


Two highly successful regionals under my belt, a third with my team next week!

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Only 16 screws later, I can see why they lost money building these things…makes my life easier though

Probably should have chosen a house with more driveway/garage space. Body ended up right back on the frame after pulling the propshaft.


Does the floor unbolt from the firewall there?

Very nearly, I believe there’s some spot welds involved though. The whole firewall assembly comes off the frame with another 6 bolts.

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My team got their first blue banner! Captains of the #3 alliance, had to fight through 6 very formidable robots in semis and finals in particular to get there. It was a pretty big upset, and I’m so proud of our students. I also got to inspect for the first time which was a lot of fun, and I feel like I learned a ton.


This was a pretty big win for us :wink:

Not to mention getting a competition week for the first time in two years. And moving apartments. I haven’t slept a wink this week.


Orlando ran so smoothly after 2 years away. We started Friday under a tornado watch and predictions of a major monsoon. The rain stopped in time for lunch. I didn’t have to call and ambulance, nothing caught fire and we were fully broken down and out of the building by 8:15ish. It was so wonderful to see all the teams and volunteers in person. Now it’s on to Tallahassee

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