Weekly Wins 3-17-2023

Been seeing some great matches out there, but wins don’t have to be robot related. What’s gone well for you this week?

I had my annual review at work and it was fairly positive, some room for professional growth. Helpful discussion.


I got my chess 5 min blitz rating back above 500. I know it ain’t great but its twice where I was.
(I am very bad at chess)


TIL from @EricH that the RSL only needs to be visible from one side of the robot. I always thought the rule was stricter than that. It’s a win because learning is fun.


I got most of the slides done for ceremonies this week. As events here are dual language (English/Turkish), and not everyone has perfect hearing, I try to put everything said officially in ceremonies on screen in both languages, and that’s an exhausting process. translating guest speeches, MC scripts, etc and putting them into slides is a long process, but I’m almost done! :slight_smile:

I also got a nice shot of the Metrobüs station by my work while walking onto the platform at like 0:30 after leaving the office. Also, I didn’t have to wait at all for the bus. One of the reasons I love Metrobüs, I never wait more than 2 minutes, ever. Most of the time not more than 20 seconds.


I saw a rainbow🌈 courtesy of spending a couple days with my niece and nephew. They are getting ready to move overseas for a few years, so I’m enjoying what time I can spend with them.

Also, hope to visit them in April in Houston and hope it is more than just myself. We placed 6th at Oklahoma regional which was highest event finish in the last 8 years, but still more to prepare for KC and try to get to champs.


It was. The rule was relaxed this year.

As for us, after week 1 and our first time on a real field, our kids decided that pretty much everything on the robot needed upgrading. We are almost over that finish line just in time for week 4 (we pack Tuesday).


@EricH said “that’s never been the rule.” Did EricH let me down? EricH would never let me down. Now I’m having a crisis. If only there was some way to check the old rules…


I got my vanity plate in and I didn’t misspell it which would be bad…since it’s my name.


If changing from a specific side to any side is relaxing the rule, then the rule was relaxed.

The rule used to require the visibility check from the front of the robot. Swerve bots don’t really have a front.

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Our school district is paying for our trip to champs. Never thought I’d live to see the day.


Started converting one of our chassis bots to RC control. Just missed installing Dupont connectors before shipping to Detroit.


Just won our first Impact award, and fourth blue banner!


Just won our first blue banner in 4 years, as well as going 17-2 at Magnolia!



I am a District Championship Dean’s List Semi-Finalist!

(also our team won our first ever Excellence in Engineering Award)


We won our first ever Innovation in Control Award!


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