Weekly Wins - 3-19-2021

You know the drill by now. What do you want to celebrate this week?

Judging starts tonight. So I’m excited to get back that normal bit of my spring. Had to try to find my judge shirt this morning.


We posted one of our skills challenges, and so we are now #1 in our group! (because no one else has posted, but who cares?)


At 12:01 this morning, I almost started this thread because I was so excited to talk about what an amazing week it was, but I felt I should let @Andrew_Schreiber do the honors, it’s basically tradition now.

Then I realize, I didn’t know what I was happy for. I was just happy to be alive. To be learning amazing things. To be completing awesome projects, to be working for an amazing company, to have a great roommate, great friends, and a beautiful world around me. To steal a line from a punk rock angel and her bovine boyfriend, it’s good to be living, not just existing.

I’m extra thankful for my Computer Graphics course, who foolishly let me choose my final project (Mahahaha) and for pancakes. The really good kind.


Finished first of two rounds of tests this semester. I feel very good about them, and that’s a huge win.


Passed PPL written test

Successfully completed Critical Design Review with the team (a Lockheed Martin program for local FRC teams) without messing up badly

And its almost springtime! :smiley:


Drove 2 days just to take this picture. SN11 before it experiences RUD.


Got Moderna shot #1


I learned this morning that I was selected as the Salutatorian for UMaine’s 2021 Graduating Class, which was a great way to end the week!


I got a friend hired at the engineering company I’ve been working at for the last year. I absolutely love my job and it was satisfying to help a friend get out of a typical, boring minimum wage job.


found a 20$ bill on the ground


Just found out I recieved a $5,000 grant to promote participation of underrepresented populations of students in summer STEM camps! I’m super excited to enable over 100 students to attend a STEM camp that otherwise wouldn’t be able to!


Absolutely destroyed an AP Chem test, it was I that ruined the curve.


Grandma got her first dose of vaccine


When we first went into lockdown (about a year ago), I started looking into ways that I could learn, and then teach, new programming concepts to the team. This week, two of our members were programming trajectories, visualizing the paths in the simulator, and getting their Romi to follow them successfully. Looking back, I remember thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn how to do trajectories?” as a stretch goal. Of course this is not just a win for us, we owe it to this community, the WPILib team, and all the people who helped with my crazy questions along the way, but it is a huge win for us.


Everyone in my family has received their first dose of the vaccine which is awesome


Drive To Survive Season 3 released today! I suspect I’ll be done with the new season before i go to bed tonight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think any FRC fan would very much enjoy Formula One, and Drive To Survive on Netflix is a great way to get a grasp on the sport. It can be a bit tough to understand for newbies sometimes, but the show does a great job introducing you to everything going on. Highly recommend giving it a watch whether you’re an F1 fan or not! Truly some awesome engineering going on in F1, and i see many similarities to FRC.

Also, it’s March Madness, baby!


Finished all my projects for the semester so I get the weekend off before next semester starts on Sunday.

Also, I rearranged my schedule so I can go to the Israeli off-season competition next week. Looking forward to that!

  • Got the grant funding to add an Omio router to our shop
  • Got our revised shooter plates, courtesy of 2815’s router
  • Robot judging run-through felt pretty good
  • Ate lunch on the grounds of Darlington Raceway today before heading back from a work delivery, which despite 33-ish years as a South Carolinian I’d never been to

This was my view this week. Colorado is pretty cool.

All materials for our underclassmen 2017 minibots competiton have been ordered. Final design review this weekend and drivetrain construction will start this upcoming week.

I get to return to rock climbing training next week after my concussion.


Got my wisdom teeth taken out. Going to feel like a bigger win after I can stop eating soft foods :slight_smile: