Weekly Wins 3-31-2023

Slightly somber weekly wins thread this week - no gif.

What went well? What’s cool? Or heck, did you just survive the week?

Two wins - first finally got fiber installed to my house so more reliable internet, yay.

Second win… survived. We had a few tornado warnings pop up around us, everything missed us but parts of Little Rock weren’t so lucky (and then it continued on along I40… if you can help with recovery efforts for impacted towns please do) We escaped with no damage.


Got shipping notice for CNC router. Hopefully school installs 240v outlet soon.

Found hotel rooms in Houston that aren’t crazy expensive.

Had an idea for a positive off-season event and shared it with someone who thought it was good.


Fired up a machine at work, one that we built. For the first time in a long time, it ran perfectly, and at rate… and we weren’t even running flat out. This also helped clean out some old material that we’ve been trying to get rid of for a while. Didn’t even need much cleaning when it was done (if you deal with concrete, that helps a lot).


Well its kind of a combo of last week and the weekend but 329 #teambigclaw seeded 4th at NYLI2 and won a few awards as well as captaining the finalist alliance. Big thanks to 5736 and 5099 for playing with us!


Received two very decent* local job offers, so I may stick around SoCal for a while longer. At least long enough to finish the project vehicles that have started to outright materialize in my driveway.
I was worried I’d have to rebuild a Vespa in a 1-bedroom in San Jose.

*this is my fun way of saying “places that aren’t the MIC but still pay well”


2,5 events in the triple marathon down, 0,5 to go. So far so good. I am quite tired, but all is well!


Back at my “home event”


Finished the RC conversion on our 2016 robot. Just wired a Talon SR to the solenoid for the shooter.
Repaired the shooter on our 2017 robot in preparation for its own conversion for a demo bot.


You would not believe how long I messed around with Spike relays before realizing I could just use a motor controller at 100% for solenoid valves.


We finished our custom bot (for those who don’t know, we used an everybot until after week 3), and it works, but not the way it was ment to.


Team went to their 2nd event of the season, and had a massive improvement (3rd robot on the #4 alliance, lost Match 13 for 3rd place) over their first event (unpicked, first backup to pack up).

And, for the first time in multiple years, I was actually at an event they were competing at, in the team colors instead of my usual volunteer colors. (And collecting surprised looks from quite a few people who were not expecting that.)


You…own something other than zebra and bumblebee shirts?

Shocking, right? Should I post photo evidence, or just ping a few people who couldn’t believe their eyes?

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“Its just two wires, how hard could it be?”
-Me probably


Booked my tickets to Houston after thinking for the past few weeks that school/work would get in the way. Can’t wait to be back


Update - still standing one day after an 11 day marathon of three events. Gonna stick to trying not to do more than two at a time in the future though. :slight_smile:


The week did not start off hot with the fact that attending competition forced my hand in making up 3 exams and despite me reaching out at the start of the quarter, there still somehow was a misunderstanding of my availability for one of them. Thankfully our team supervisor was able to proctor it for me in the quiet room at Greenwood Friday morning, with me finishing it just in time to make opening ceremonies and the rest of the event.

Otherwise, the team and students got new and well deserved bling :slight_smile: now to do it all over again at States this weekend.


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