Weekly Wins 4-12-2024

Wow, we rolling into champs already, who has wins?

I had a decent week at work, unblocked a few tasks on a project with my favorite approach of “ask increasingly dumb questions until we have simplified everything as much as we can” (it actually works surprisingly well)


I’m on Newton.

From my point of view, that’s a win. It’s gonna be crazy fun.

Also, I’ve cooridated a last-ditch effort on my team to 3D Print as many of these “shop-rats” to flood GRB next week.


Well I,

I accepted:

  1. It’s okay not to be okay.

  2. My mental health is not less important than robotics.

  3. I have many amazing robotics people supporting me.

  4. I feel sad right now, but this is going to be the start of a good new chapter.


I got voted for team captain for the 2024 off-season and the 2025 season. So that is a awesome achievement that I have wanted. I also was told that I am invited to be a part of a leadership group at school called sources of strength. I also got to attend the Scheels opening in my state. I did get yelled at by my engineering teacher because I was talking in class. Womp womp.


And it’s ok, and important, to recognize when you aren’t ok.

Health is important. Mental health is part of health.

Change is hard, but not always bad.

These are great wins.


Had a pretty solid argument with my PhD advisor, so that’s fun (more generally watch out for toxic acedimaia folks, it can get really bad and you often don’t know what to look for until is too late; this isn’t something we often talk about on CD).

A lot on my plate (that’s for the bus ride to/from worlds), but REALLY thankful I can do something completely different than extreme precipitation manuscript work.

This whole situation brought to light that I expected to be mentored the way I mentor in FRC, which is not the case. So for those that have college (in particular grad school) try to keep in mind frc flavors of mentorship are rare in the acedimic space.

Today I learned:

If you can find the humor in picking apart an emotionally charged (frustration, over-buy in, etc) problem that really helps. So much of this is framing, i.e. say “i am going to ask increasingly dumb questions until we get this thing simplified”. Love it, hope to stick this in the communication toolbox.


Even though we didn’t make worlds as a team, I get to go and watch!


Busy week but good week!

I got interviewed and some of my quotes were published in an article this last week about Autonomous Mobile Robots and Autonomous Guided Vehicles.

I closed out an important phase for a project at work and we were able to invoice it today. I’ve had a lot of doors open up to me this week when things were looking really really bad. There’s always good things out there if you look out for them and make connections.

All I can say right now is FRC has helped me more than I can ever express and gives me opportunities for work that I couldn’t have gotten otherwise.


Is that a sloth?

Fits right in with my win. We saw a wonderful production of Children of Eden put on by Stagecrafters Theater in Royal Oak. The animals coming onto the ark were great - especially the sloths coming up the aisle taking their merry old time. The whole cast was just spectacular.

Shameless plug - still playing on Sat and Sun (4/13 and 4/14). Go see it.


Accomplished the hardest task in the known universe, qualified for champs by winning a California regional


The chosen ones :open_mouth:

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This week is holiday (Ramazan) in Türkiye so I have been relaxing and just enjoying my time.

I went for a 10km walk at the beginning of the week, had tea in Gezi Parki, finally saw one of my friends’ offices who I’ve been meaning to visit for like two years, then I went for indian food in Taksim Square with some friends. 5.8km of my 10km of walking was on pedestrian only streets (İstanbul is cool like that). The walk involved me finally walking along a 1km extension of an older pedestrian street that I hadn’t yet gotten to try out (it was four lanes and a tram in the middle, and very crappy and extremely overcrowded sidewalks, now it’s a tram and pedestrians). And I got to see the new Eminönü Seaside Square which was re-designed very very nicely.

I also went for a barbecue picnic in the mountains with Ayşe and her family, and then a breakfast picnic with them two days later in a gorgeous city park a few blocks from our homes.

And I finally cleaned up some parts of my home that I haven’t yet organized since moving in.

Picnic spot in the mountains:

Photo of a modern reservoir from the road to the picnic spot in the mountains.

Picnic Spot in the city, a small corner of the park, with tulips and such. The park is the remnants of an old open air water reservoir from Roman times.

View from my friends office near Taksim Square:

Tulip time in İstanbul is pretty lit! I often don’t get to see it because it is during regionals or travel to championships, but this year I got to enjoy it a little :slight_smile: - This is Gülhane Parkı, part of the sultan’s gardens - Topkapı Palace. It was on my long walk.

Here’s the after and before on Ordu Cd. (Military Avenue). I really don’t understand how it was ever a 4 lane stroad for cars, but thank İmamoğlu it was finally fixed.

And with that, I will take my bags, head to the airport now, and fly to Houston! I had enough points to upgrade to business this time, so I’m looking forward to a not so uncomfortable 13 hour flight today. See y’all there!


The local news visited our shop!

  • Got an unexpected pay raise and a nice note from my boss’ boss’ boss (otherwise known as the state’s elected Commissioner of Agriculture) in my HR file. After years of doing moves that were useful to the world but not always lucrative (and if I’m comparing that to a state government job, that should say something), it feels good to feel like things are getting back on track.
  • Got back in the shop after spring break and it just…felt good? I dunno what else to add. It was a rough season, but that week and a half of not doing anything felt worse.
  • The chassis we built for the theater department has made it through shakedown runs and makes its stage debut next week while I’m in Houston (naturally) in a performance of The Little Mermaid. (It’s going to be the boat in Kiss The Girl.) We used four CIMs from FIRST Choice, a VEX Cortex controller and Victor SPXs we had lying around the shop, one of the old blue PDBs we inherited from 4901 (meaning that board has a banner-hanging pedigree!), and the last two new AndyMark Nano Tubes they had. They were on clearance, a perfect-for-lumber 1.5" wide, and adequate for the task, who cares if they’re keyed shafts?

Our community came together and shipped a 53’ trailer to the FIRST Championship! Thanks @wilsonmw04 @JKerns, our friends at Showbest Fixture Corporation, and many others for your help— it was key, along with the prior planning by @tim-tim and sage advice from @Brandon_Holley .


I found a dress for Roboprom and it’s one of my team’s colors (orange)!


I was so happy to see this!


Super happy this worked so well. Looking forward to expanding this next year.



Thanks to Stuypulse for organizing our truck! I know it was a lot of work, and they did a great job getting everyone informed and making it work.


I got to go to MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend! It was a ton of fun and I got to meet a bunch of super cool people! I also accidentally bumped into @kierajreed, who I realized 1 hour into seeing that it was the same Kiera from Chief Delphi. I think this may have been rock bottom for each of us, considering we both have 12+ days of read time on this site :laughing:.