Weekly Wins 4-14-2023

Wow, we’re rolling into Champs next week. Where has this season gone?

Anyone have any great successes at DCMP or late season events? Or just cool things that happened?

While some of you are prepping for travel next week I did my travel last week - boss told me I needed to take more PTO so I did and went to Florida. Ate some really good food at Disney and saw some of my friends from when I lived in Tampa. Was fun.

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A huge win for our team this week was the progression of our robot. This was our first year in a long time going to multiple regionals. In doing so, we had the ability to change our bot after each comp. And we did just that. At Arkansas, we could barely score 2 cubes. We tried to make a good cone and cube bot and in return had a bad robot at both. For our second competition, we opted not to go for cones because of the 3 day gap in between Arkansas and Shawnee and put our entire focus on cubes. During shawnee, our new design took to the field and showed that a cube only bot could be viable. After getting a red card in the playoffs, ending our run in Shawnee, we revamped what we had and made Duck n’ Cover v2! All this hard work led to our victory in Tulsa! We went from a robot that was tall, large and really heavy to a low and fast, cube specialized robot that allowed us to quickly do cycles.

While, admittedly, this isn’t just a weekly win, I’m super proud of what we were able to accomplish and we’re all so excited to go to worlds!

This is our original version that had many issues.

Version 2 for Shawnee (lots of code and mechanical issues)

Version 3!

Our last rendition ended up being very reliable and we actually had downtime which was a first!


Robot repairs following limit-switch-mageddon are done. We’ll have a drivable robot that scores game pieces at champs.


These wins are from the week previous, but, I’ll count it as a personal win just posting something.

Our team had a successful conclusion to one of our best seasons to date. We weren’t able to bring home any banners or anything, but we hit a lot of firsts/first-in-a-long-times. We aren’t the winningest or anything yet, but some significant strides were taken to regain the momentum we had going into the 2020 season.

Season conclusion:

FIN Princeton:

  • Imagery Award (first time ever)
  • Event Finalists (first time in the finals since 2015)

FIN Tippecanoe:

  • Excellence in Engineering Award (first time ever, first technical award since 2011)
  • Ranked 12th, ended up 8th seed alliance captain (first time captaining since 2012, third time ever)

FIN State Championship

  • Qualified! (our third trip to state)
  • Industrial Design Award

Overall, the team is looking good going into the offseason. We had seven students this past year, but they were seven great kids, with an average attendance of over 90%, so the buy-in is good. We’ll only be graduating one, so we should have a strong core for next season, where we’ll be celebrating our 20th season.

(My obsession with the history project has already begun. Thanks @Ryan_Dognaux for jump starting things with pictures I didn’t have. Which is also a win!)


I thought this finish was pretty cool, even though my team was on the wrong end of it :grin:


Not in Archimedes…


Three regionals of missed cone pickups were avenged tonight.


I don’t think we could handle any more Michigan powerhouses!

I think it was spring for about 3 hours one day this week. Quickly moved on to summer. And next week it’s predicted to be winter again. Ah, Michigan.


New England is the same! We feel you over here. 20 degrees one day, 80 the next!


These last couple days have been wayyyy too hot for April. WHY ARE WE HITTING 90° ALREADY???


It seems like every year spring does not come and it is straight to summer from winter. Who is ready to stand in Houston heat!

I finally took down my Christmas tree


Spent three days in wood shop learning about the cabinet CNC router and software. I was glad the construction teacher let me join him to learn on their Thermwood 4x8 machine.

Also it is a whole other world for me to learn and explore, and hope I can be a secondary resource for the teacher plus I’m excited by ways we can use it for playing field, prototyping and more.



We’ll be playing on Curie.


its worse down south man. we’ve been hitting high 80s since like mid march

Whoa thats such a sweet looking robot. Good luck at champs!

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